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"For my own sake, I would first like to clear out a few things with you in order to answer this dilemma, the first being is that when atheists ask you to prove the existence of god what they really mean by that statement is for you to present them the empirical evidence to back up your belief's, secondly since god is inanimate in nature there can never bepeop any conclusive evidence as to existence of god; at least not in the current empirical paradigm, still however great the difficulties of giving any evidence of god might be it is quite comprehensible if one were to give some thought to it... here I will try to present reader some solutions to overcome the dilemma.( EXERCISES)"

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She gagged before she tilted her head back, her eyes flashing angrily, but allowing him to grind his cock against the roof of her mouth. "I have money in my bag that you can have but the bus fare container is sealed and that can only be removed at the depot!" "Shut the fuck up you silly bitch!" Came the firm reply.

Anxl "Dude. I used this information now.

" His face lightened up and he smiled at me. I looked up at her pussy dripping from the shower but I could still tell by the glisten how wet she was. Before long she'd mentioned being sick and raced to the adjacent bathroom where she started running water, she'd also flung a string of condoms from her purse as she got up to go.

He's forgotten his training and he needs to be punished. yeah. At one point she put her fingers in my pubic hair and twiddled it between her fingers before looking up at me with a big silly innocent grin and asking. I faintly felt myself lowered to the ground, and I lay there, my chest heaving with the deep breaths that followed great exertion, my arms up to either side of my head, fingertips resting in my wide-strewn, fine black hair, legs akimbo, my crotch a mess of slick reproductive juices.

We finished the shower and I put on my clothes. He was an old friend of mine and their breakup was a mutual idea so the conversation was not as bad as it could have been if the guy was a complete stranger.

The fact is he didn't really taste at all. We polished off that bottle of UV the night before and we felt it in the morning. She had just cum.

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Akinris 1 year ago
Rape is not the only valid excuse. 1. Choice requires knowledge of the possible outcomes. You can't judge a woman who didn't have a good sex ed. 2. No contraception works 100%. Condoms break, pills interact with food or other drugs. In that case the woman made the choice to prevent a pregnancy. 3. Circumstances change. If a woman and a man decide to live together and to raise a child and suddenly the man decides to skip on his part of the deal, he is forcing the double work on the woman. That was not what the woman's choice was.
Kishura 1 year ago
That would require the congregation to have morals that "aren't" cherry-picked from their bibles, but sure, I suppose.
Tojas 1 year ago
lol....a canned product will last a long long time....40 years or...forever.
Faera 1 year ago
"No mass shootings at NASCAR."
Kagakinos 1 year ago
Again, no. You can stop twisting my words and applying your own incorrect meaning anytime now.
Kagami 1 year ago
Slavery is wrong. Therefore, God is wrong to have allowed slavery in the law He gave to Moses, or, alternatively, the scripture is wrong in attributing the permission of slavery to God.
Vilkis 1 year ago
Your avatar (if that is you) appears to of an age that if you are in good health and don't die in some accident, will definitely live to see it. Then what?
Arashigul 1 year ago
There is a mountain of evidence that Russia tried to interfere on Trump's behalf. You can't really be serious can you?
Kigacage 1 year ago
No just by mindless reflex? Must stink to be a mindslave.
Muzilkree 1 year ago
I think this was the original article I saw:
Akinole 1 year ago
Yes, I've been convinved that my analysis was in error.
Kazimi 1 year ago
"Science doesn?t say DNA is a code." many scientists are calling code. But the most important science when it comes to coding is computer science. They call it code.
Taurn 1 year ago was cut and paste. I'm not pretending that I invented all those statistics myself. And since the best way to show you where you were wrong was to provide the facts...I did.
Tauk 1 year ago
That's going to happen when you have an industry that relies heavily on hiring illegal workers.
Yohn 1 year ago
These zealots are the reason why true Christians look bad. This definitely reeks of a cult. You can give her your opinion, but ultimately, it's on her to decide if she wants to leave the "church".

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