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"No bible was mentioned.With the right faith, you can experience God."

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" Derek smiled and went even faster. Judging from the video of him humping Sally's arse, I would have guessed his cock to be about nine or ten inches in length with a knot the size of a tennis ball.

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I slowly worked my tongue around her outer lips and up to her clit, causing sthb to moan and gasp with pleasure. " Brittany giggled. She began to clean up and but on her blouse, but Derek rose to his feet and stopped her before she put on her shirt. He ran his hands up her flanks, enjoying the feeling of her lithe body, soft and smooth.

Derek saw she wasn't wearing any panties, and her midgget pink mound was completely shaved bald.

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Mogar 1 year ago
I won't clue you in any futher.......Not until you finish educating me on HTML.
Samule 1 year ago
I'm thinking you aren't long for this site. It isn't differing opinions, it's your fucking attitude.
Arashik 1 year ago
My most rewarding proof is my own personal testimony, but it is not for now
Moogugal 1 year ago
Like being an imaginary space ghost deity.
Vitaur 1 year ago
...or, at least, pretend they are important.
Arashizuru 1 year ago
You are at least half right.
Vilrajas 1 year ago
Ooh! I hadn't considered this, but it's certainly a possibility. If that's what's going on, it hardly seems fair to Mrs. Smith.
Gardar 1 year ago
It isn't about protecting religious liberty. It is about protecting everyone's rights. If he can be a bigot towards gays he can later target atheists.
Kebei 1 year ago
One...I repeat one comment on this thread and you take that to mean that political discussions are part of the discourse here? Are you perhaps day drinking? I can give you a number to call, if you need help with that.
Mezinos 1 year ago
Here they are...
Mikajar 1 year ago
No more than men.
Shaktibei 1 year ago
Karma meet Milo. Milo meet Karma.
Kinos 1 year ago
Really? What would you say the conservative stance on welfare is?
JoJogal 1 year ago
So should we send American children to prison with their parents when their parents are convicted of crime or shouldn't we send their parents to prison?
Guzil 1 year ago
If what you say is misunderstood scripture, per John 10, may I conclude then there may be more misunderstood scripture?
Nejora 1 year ago
Sounds like the god of the gaps. Don't know what the cause is so we'll just call it god for no more reason than we want to. Alright, thanks for the conversation.
Negrel 1 year ago
The village idiot laughs a lot.
Ketilar 1 year ago
Very true. She publicly harasses people all the time.
Arashijind 1 year ago
Now you're just being greedy.
Nikorr 1 year ago
I just think when he saw the meme he had flashbacks to last year lol.
Nikosar 1 year ago
Evidently he was, he refused to sit down like his buddy did, they tried to put him in a choke hold and obviously he resisted by trying to stay glued to the wall. I think the number of punches was a bit out of line, if he'd just sat like his friend did there wouldn't be anything to discuss.
Maujora 1 year ago
I love statedclearly so much.
Meztilkis 1 year ago
Quotemining, taking things out of context, and using ignorant lying homophobic websites. Pathetic.
Maulrajas 11 months ago
No one benefits from you leeches because you have nothing of value to offer. Without us, you'd be just like the natives in Haiti.
Nimuro 11 months ago
An atheist told me on Andy's post that they thought a 'just' and punitive God was more credible than a merciful God.
Togul 11 months ago
Oooh, the GOP snowflakes are outraged.
Mikaramar 11 months ago
Try writing about someone 40 years after they?ve died purely based on memory and stories told about them. You can bet things are going to be embellished quite a bit.
Goltisida 10 months ago
It looks more authentic that way? LOL!
Morg 10 months ago
thank you gorgeous, this is not harassment:) Just happy to see you today!
Douktilar 10 months ago
can you tell under all that? lol
Tojazshura 10 months ago
On the open thread or on the channel?
Daidal 10 months ago
I go to Toronto fairly often. I would move back there in a heartbeat if I could afford to buy a house in my favorite neighborhoods. It's kind of stupid to think a city the size of Toronto doesn't have any problems or areas that can be dicey but to paint the whole of Toronto with a tar brush because of that is ludicrous.
Shazil 9 months ago
I don't know who that is or what you are talking about. Your internal monologue seems to be working a bit too hard lately. Consider giving it the night off and try listening to others
Diktilar 9 months ago
I hate those machines. They have them in supermarkets now as well. What they are doing is training us customers to do the work of the cashiers, without pay, so they can fire the cashiers whose work we will be doing.

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