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"?I think I'm very well prepared. I don't think I have to prepare very much. It's about attitude, it's about willingness to get things done, but I think I've been preparing for this summit for a long time, as has the other side,?"

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I was only fifteen, and as I was led away from my parents, I was terrified and sobbing, a being separated from my family. There was no cursing in her house. She walked over to the table and sat in my lap.

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Faumuro 1 year ago
Well I will thank you for that.
Vugrel 1 year ago
Oh, ok, so it was hard for you to go choose between 100% and 99% then?
Shaktizshura 1 year ago
In retrospect, I actually have some guilt as I feel like I could have done more as a friend to encourage him to get healthy... But at some point I reckon adults are adults, and must be responsible for themselves...
Vugal 1 year ago
It's not ironic, it's very common to blame what you are doing on your opponent.
Zulkilabar 1 year ago
You don't seem to get the fact it is a national security issue. We are at a disadvantage because of illegal and unfair trade agreements. Trump is making it harder for them to import steel and aluminum which is flooding our markets while we in the US can't make enough steel for ourselves because we are getting too much from other countries. The other countries know this and are taking advantage of us. I think that eventually they will cave because most countries cannot win without the help of the US and the other countries are waiting for someone like Obama so they can once again screw the US.
Dushura 1 year ago
Scientific theories have to be useful. They prove themselves to be true by producing results and making accurate predictions at which evolution is batting 1.000. You can look it up. No scientific explanation has been more useful, more productive than Evolution which is not only the foundation of biology but modern medicine as well. Religion cheats at its predictions. Like putting the prediction of the destruction of the temple on the lips of a mythical Jesus decades after the event had already taken place. You have been duped by threats and bad arguments by people who fell for them as well. That's what happens in a cult. The people brainwashing you have also been brainwashed. Of course you believe them. They think they have the truth. They do not and inside that cult of ignorance you will never understand that. Only those on the outside can see what a religion is false.
Arashimi 1 year ago
those are so friggin cool.
Murr 1 year ago
If he's as good a shot as your boy Hodgkinson then I won't worry.
Tera 1 year ago
As a believer, this point has always bothered me...
Goltikus 1 year ago
True, but there is no admonition in scripture against such activity, so the community is divided. Some churches, like the Catholics send a mixed message (such activity is ok so long as it is not the result, that the act ends in intercourse) others do "go after" anyone who indulges, others - like my church hold that any joyful and welcome sexual expression in marriage is fine.
Brara 1 year ago
They at least should have to pay damages if a person comes to them and is not served and then has to go somewhere else wasting their time.
Doukus 1 year ago
They have the evidence, and you have the ...
Kagazahn 1 year ago
^TDS in full bloom
Melkree 1 year ago
No arguments from me this time.
Mikashura 1 year ago
Have not met a sincere Christian. One doesn't exist. Lots of fakers.
Daizil 1 year ago
You know you like it
Morr 1 year ago
There's always been abuse, but Trump gave them permission to go to full-on hate mode.
Kajigul 1 year ago
You people don't actually think this would cut down on abortions do you? You do realize there were LOTS of abortions happening before they were legalized, right? You realize that, right??
Shataur 1 year ago
Your poor English smacks of another who was recently banned. Interesting. LOL!
Zulkirisar 1 year ago
So, guilt by association. Figures. "Smart" people thought Wynne was great and then she destroyed the province.
Akinogul 1 year ago
A man who has been dead for over two millennia saved you from what?
Kazrataur 1 year ago
I do it a lot, but never really put much thought into it as a whole. If we can't agree to disagree, you can argue by yourself ??
Yozilkree 1 year ago
They have no real cliams, they lie. You have been caught pushing thier busted lies all over this thread.
Kigajora 1 year ago
I haven't tried anything super complex with Roman Numerals, but even using them in geometry was a nightmare (I tried, and it sucked)
Zulkikora 11 months ago
I?m sane on other channels. Insanity is a prerequisite for PRB!
Kagazil 11 months ago
What?'s no portapotty?
Tajind 11 months ago
Conservatives don't want to control everybody. We'd very much like for you to take responsibility for your own lives while at the same time preserving the good that has kept this Country afloat. No, we wont sign up to any and every garbage bills proposed and are happy to be called bigots for questioning anyone/anything that threatens the constitution and our bill of rights.
Votaur 11 months ago
Then how come so many more people are right-handed (about 10 to 1)?
Zolorisar 11 months ago
Bahaha hook me up
Gazuru 11 months ago
In the Republican mind all unions are evil, except for police and (maybe) firefighters'.
Malashakar 10 months ago
That's what they all say...
Akinogul 10 months ago
Lmao... did all the girls you talked to end up being 40 year old men?
Tor 10 months ago
I was referencing what you said in your comment about losing control.
Gasida 10 months ago
I?m turning 29 next month!!! I?m almost one year away from not being called a baby anymore at work!! Lol
Durn 9 months ago
Why do I never meet those women!?! ??

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