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"My favorite red herring is the "biblical marriage." A biblical marriage like David's, with dozens of wives, hundreds of concubines, and thousands of girls on the side? Or maybe like Abraham. His wife couldn't get pregnant, so he fathered a kid with her slave. All OK with God. Or maybe we should look to Jesus and Paul for the ideal marriage. Yes, biblical marriage should be the law."

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We discussed Freud, Jung and Nabokov in terms of the psychiatric underpinnings, and also the philosophical implications. ohhh!yes.

PropertySex - High school teacher fucks student

He stood out like a sore thumb, so he tried to save himself from the awkwardness by staring at the texts of the menu. Pamela thanked me for giving her the best night she had ever had and said shed repay me someday. I would often see her riding her horse on a nice day and we would salute each other but that was all.

I pressed it forward until it struck her hymen and asked if she was ready for the sharp pain that would follow. He brushed her breasts with his fingertips before sliding them back down to her hips, stroking her small buttocks with his powerful thumbs. He moaned loudly as he came, driving savagely up into her throat as jet after jet of hot seed spurt out of his spasming member.

"Then that means you can drop them.

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Dugal 3 months ago
There is no Jewish Jesus.
Sagor 3 months ago
"Some men see things as the are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask, why not?" -Robert F. Kennedy
Maugrel 2 months ago
Nahhh...I don't think so.
Grok 2 months ago
well, that should be alright, LOL!!!! even as it is written, "the just shall walk by faith and not by sight" LOL!!! you make me feel like Jesus talking to the serpent, who came to temp him. LOL!!! I learned very early on from that example how to conduct myself with me advasaries... They seem to always step in it when trying to dispute what I already have experienced permanently for me self!!!
Fenrikasa 2 months ago
Samutaxe 2 months ago
?California taxpayers are taking a stand against bigotry and in support of those who would be harmed by this prejudiced policy.? ....California taxpayers are being taken for a ride and while they're at it, put Georgia on the list too.
Mijas 2 months ago
Just to think he had a body transformation after high school and a degree, and looking for all the girls who turned him down to say "look at me now" and all the girls will apologize and fall for him. Its a classic case really, since plan A and B didnt work ie built body and education, he went to plan D "if that didnt impress her then this will!" Its safe to assume this isnt the first time he's done this. So when nothing works then he got frustrated and confused, "why doesn't she like me? Look at the great things i have!" He has nothing left but to blame her lol and the entitlement kicked in, "im great there's something wrong with you if you dont like me"
Mooguran 1 month ago
Not really. Stalin did address (with his usual brutal methods) issues that are in moral realm, but to the best of my knowledge, he never went as far as build a unified set of morals to be codified. Soviet morality as in "Codex of builders of communism" came around 60's.
Tukree 1 month ago
Maybe not, but whether or not the article?s author is implying (separately from the researcher) that there was some Malthusian crunch that eliminated much of the diversity of life 100,000 - 200,000 years ago, the takeaway seems to be that life hasn?t changed much in the intervening 100,000 - 200,000 years.
Zolozragore 1 month ago
I do not respect people who need the religious crutch in their lives.
Malagis 1 month ago
Truth is truth- just because someone thinks it?s truth doesn?t make it truth...
Doumi 1 month ago
Do you often show up on new channels where you know no one and act like a douche-wad, or are we just super lucky?
Volmaran 3 weeks ago
So what? YOU haven't proven that what I have said is not true. You can have the opinion that it is not true, but you can never prove it. Only for your failure to be saved. You must make the choice.
Shagis 2 weeks ago
You keep coming back to Gaelic Wars. Is that the only piece of Roman literature that you know of? Also, Gaelic Wars isn't a biography - it's written by Julius Caesar himself. The Gospels are Greco-Roman biographies (????) like The Life of Apollonius of Tyana by Philostratus, The Life of Pythagoras by Iamblichus. Do you know anything about those? Probably not.
Kazrasar 1 week ago
I disagree with this disagreement bc I've decided to be that person.
Yobei 1 day ago
Yup. Sounds about right to me..

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