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"Again, you deflect from the larger picture with a distorted picture from myopia. Islam does one thing here, another there, and ... ."

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Then the girls decided to swap men on Saturday nights just to see how the other one was progressing. ) Back to the here and now.

MMD CakeFace 2B

Tears flowed down her face now spoiling the little makeup w had used today. I wonder what is going on in his mind right at this moment. " Harry looked inquiringly toward Hermione, who blushed, but licked her lips, so Harry raised himself off of Ginny and they both crawled across the bed towards the other couple.

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Tygozil 11 months ago
I do think that giving the kids the boot at a certain point gives them some dignity. It means something to feel independent, and that's very important, because you won't live forever.
Shakajin 11 months ago
He hates that I do not believe all the claims of Muslims and Mormons? My unbelief has nothing to do with God. It has everything to do with not believing the claims of men. I?ve never seen or heard anything that would induce me to believe that words were inspired by God.
Tumi 10 months ago
He did the good old bait and switch ?? We did not cohabitate beforehand, and I guess he burned himself out ??
Shakamuro 10 months ago
4 gods to be exact
Dojora 10 months ago
The misconceptions and lies are the arguments you continue to use long after they've been repeatedly shown to be faulty and not applicable. The Jewish swastika cake- not a correct comparison. If the Jewish baker makes swastika cakes for some people, then he cannot refuse to make a swastika cake for someone else based on the customer's race, religion, sexual orientation, etc... But you know that.
Moogukora 10 months ago
As I said, you are getting your head handed to you.
Sakazahn 10 months ago
People hate porn so much that just the mentioning of the word makes them think of having sex in the same manner they have in porn. So besides having a camera shooting them having sex, what the fuck is the difference? Having sex is having sex big fucking deal.
Vokasa 10 months ago
I don't think it is accurate to say that the Old Testament laws were replaced when Jesus came. He had faith in the covenant and came to fulfill it. What I think many Christians need to work on is actually understanding the covenant which means taking the time to read it and see which laws come from God and which ones were more likely inserted by cultural tradition. This approach does require a non-literal reading of the text which I know some people are not fond of though.
Migami 9 months ago
I find it interesting that atheist have zero "physical" evidence that there is no God but then they think science supports atheism. Then there are tons of evidence physical, historical, prophetical and through eyewitnesses and then atheist claim there is no evidence to claim there is a God.
Nikoll 9 months ago
Don't want to be reprimanded for politics, but potus eats his well done with ketchup. Money can't buy taste.
Takasa 9 months ago
Agree. I have the Disney DVD & I watch it every so often.
Doum 9 months ago
Rather he's telling the truth or not you really shouldn't be in a relationship especially a marriage when you can't trust the other party. Decide for for yourself if you want to continue to fight for your marriage & if you're willing to do so alone.
Samugar 9 months ago
Why not consider...Goddidit once more?
Togami 8 months ago
I did, because that's what they are.
Mikahn 8 months ago
I am pleased by your compliments to the electricians. I worked as one when young. Thanks for your opinion. They are definitely more intelligent that the so-called humanities studying in the universities non-existent sciences.
Jugal 8 months ago
Steel town...'nuf said.
JoJoran 8 months ago
Making the point you aren?t feckless c nts like the current Republicans in Congress
Daira 7 months ago
I am not agreeing w/baker's decision. I am merely saying as a human
Mazular 7 months ago
Cle is a good team. Dysfunctional but good. No excuses.
Mezikus 7 months ago
Yes, you in fact were. Marriage IS a civil right
Faegul 7 months ago
The theme I keep hearing chanted in unison by all the Jesus mythicists on this forum. "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care!" If you don't care, why are you debating it?
Karn 7 months ago
Prime Now you have it , SoS is not an honest broker, just a contrarian, in need of attention, reassurance and medication.
Maujinn 7 months ago
Completely off topic, but I find one of my new fave indie designers. The styles reminded me of you. Have you heard of Whim By Aree?
Goltigal 6 months ago
Then why do liberals support peddling contraceptives to them via Planned Parenthood?
Faukora 6 months ago
Lol, so you just going to come through and incinerate everybody's Tuesday.. Ok.
Shaktibei 6 months ago
Normally when you own a business you put up signs letting people know who you do and don't serve.
Faegor 6 months ago
Yes, and it is the word of God, just as much as the New Testament is.
Tom 6 months ago
Further proof that the notion of a ?spy? placed inside the FBI is nothing more than a silly conspiracy theory that does nothing but thrown the men and women of law enforcement underneath a Trump bus.
Vobei 5 months ago
What myth? I'm not sure what you are talking about here.
Tukinos 5 months ago
You seem lovely
Samubar 5 months ago
I agree, but based on my personal experience with kids spending 12 yrs in catholic school, it can be muddy. I?ve seen firings over teachers whose cars were seen overnight at a boyfriend?s house, and other similar scenarios where I thought admin totally stepped out of line.
Samugrel 5 months ago
Why don't all Christians then give it all up?
Zulubei 5 months ago
Setting fire to the family pet dog, for starters.
Gorisar 4 months ago
I only had one, so I give them permission to have two extra for me. LOL
Fenrir 4 months ago
Most people just call me Ken.

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