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"So I guess you understand there is a difference in being moderate in following a mainly positive doctrine and a harmful doctrine."

Kay Parker

She giggled as she spread her legs, lifted her miniskirt up, and inserted my cock right into her wet pussy. the woman asked again.

Kay Parker

Karen knew how to give a damn good blowjob. I think I will shower. As is usually the case with someone bblack something for the first time, especially oral sex on a woman, Mistress wasn't very good at it, but with a little guidance and coaching things improved, and after a good twenty minutes I felt the beginnings of an orgasm begin to build.

He looked down, in contemplation, at the woman kneeling in front of him. It was Emma. "hey, B, lick them too.

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Akinot 1 year ago
Could be because you're making it up.
Nisar 1 year ago
If you look at a satellite image of an LA suburb, for instance, you can tell which puddles are natural and which are made-made, typically called "swimming pools".
Sashicage 11 months ago
I don?t know if blame and praise are ever deserved, tbh. ??
Voodoomi 11 months ago
Pppppffffftbbbhh Why you lie!
Kajikasa 11 months ago
I don't see the trend. I see far more racism from conservatives. THAT's a trend.
Akikus 10 months ago
Does it really have to be spelt out for you? Yes the gun owner is ultimately responsible and the law should be applied as such.
Kagakora 10 months ago
That's not even close to what Rom 1:27 says.
Akinoshakar 10 months ago
Breaking News ~ Joe Cressy Trinity Spadina NDP Councilor has just been on the news whining about Doug Ford being bad for all renters. Joe is famous for demanding exclusive Ontario housing for Muslims only.
Vudoran 10 months ago
I honestly don't think they understood what they were reading at all.
Tygoramar 9 months ago
With "unreliable" meaning, traditional oral tales are usually not 100% true, so that they have some or many fictional elements. Nevertheless, they do contain elements that are true, or based on truth.
Kazikinos 9 months ago
He's a politician trying to save his spot on the gravy train.
Zolora 9 months ago
The man is an obvious fraud and huckster and one almost hopes there is an afterlife to punish him.
Kigataxe 9 months ago
If you agree then you have to direct your comments at as many men as you do women .. and place as much blame and responsibility on male sexual proclivity ...
Brak 9 months ago
Simply put; Junior trudeau is an insult to Canada.
Arashijinn 9 months ago
That's not what the posts show.
Kegor 9 months ago
As someone who loves mathematical proofs, I think Arnold is being overly-simplistic in distilling critical thinking and social interaction to the understanding of such proofs. Regarding the latter, social interaction provides that social function via stimulus/response in a social environment. It's really that simple.
Kazuru 8 months ago
I identify as non binary and white
Nikokazahn 8 months ago
Huh? ...but we're always told states should be trusted to do a better job than the bloated federal bureacracy.
Mogul 8 months ago
Wait, if it's just chemicals reacting, why is the "well adjusted" ones kind and thoughtful and loving, where the "broken" ones do harm and unkind things?
Shaktihn 8 months ago
You feel sensitive to "what other people think" because of your age. And I mean that as no kind of criticism whatsoever; rather, it is completely, and TOTALLY, understandable and normal. It's part of our growth pattern. And in our early adulthood, we are still examining and defining our role in the world and our perception of self. So it's only natural that the perceptions - and yes, the criticisms! - of others should be felt acutely.
Yozshujora 8 months ago
I'm gonna say both. XD
Mezilrajas 8 months ago
Sounds good. I'll chum the water for you.
Voshura 8 months ago
I like it!
Kigak 7 months ago
Apologies, my comment was directed to George Lloyd.
Akijind 7 months ago
If atheists new half as much about religion as they think they do they would be the smartest people on earth. Unfortunately, what they think they know is mostly wrong.
Grolabar 7 months ago
Sweetie. Let me explain again: There was no 'Latin nationalism' that caused the split in the Empire. Your silly assertion is a result of black and white thinking. No civilization collapses and then rebuilds for one reason and one reason only. While nationalism is a good guess (because let's face it: there's always nationalism), it was hardly the primary or deciding factor. Religion, politics, language and natural geographical barriers also played a big part in the separation of the Eastern and Western divisions. To put it bluntly: everyone would have been better off if Constantine had drowned in the Tiber River.

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