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"The claim of God's non-existence is equally unproven..."

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The week went by very quick, I had thought about what went on in the woods, and I had played with my cock, but nothing came out of it, I remembered that one of the men had masturbated mebut I did,nt get to come. I swear I pumped a good half-gallon of cum inside the girl's pussy. He moaned as he came, holding her tight, squeezing her breasts in his hands before reaching down Colleg her hips, holding them in order to thrust deeply.

Even separated by a recovery period, his balls must have been working on overdrive to generate that much semen.

As I leave the restaurant I am smirking at the thoughts of him going back to work, serving customers, and knowing that he is completely spent but begging for more. " Hannah says looking up at me with a smile of concern " Sis I would never hurt Diamond as I love her as a sister and lover, but I know how you feel.

Snare rabbits. This was the first time I had ever given oral sex to a girl so I wasn't too sure how she would feel but by the sounds she was making she was in heaven. That night I again gathered what I would need to advance her education'. "Yes Mistress," I replied.

She quickly said, "Ohh, sorry Bryan" sounding half-surprised. "I am sorry I did not mean to.

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Grozragore 1 year ago
the public option - that you wanted all along - put companies out of business...
Kajile 1 year ago
It's a favorite... I get told it with great excitement almost biweekly, as if I've *never* heard it before! With accompanying giggles, of course :-)
Grotaxe 1 year ago
It's good to see you 'round these parts!
Mikanris 11 months ago
Doug Jones has rebutted your argument.
Mikagore 11 months ago
No, he is not defending you.
Dira 11 months ago
You might be interested in a book called "Making if the Fittest" by Sean B Carroll. It explains how DNA shows the history of our evolutionary past within it. (SPOILER: Forensic DNA backs up the fossil record).
Yozshuzahn 11 months ago
Yes this is about bringing science in alignment with the Bible, as YOU said.
Nejin 11 months ago
The problem is that YOU are lying. I DO let people live as they want to do. When, however, they come to this or any blog I frequent, I point out errors in their thinking, and tell them the truth of the Gospel. I also point out when they are lying as YOU are lying right now. Because I DO know a lot about it. That you know nothing about it is your own fault and yours alone.
Vudole 11 months ago
If morality is a (human) construct (and I think it is), then it can't be absolute (exist without a mind to hold that construct). IOW, morality is not
Dairan 10 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it.
Shanris 10 months ago
"What evidence is there that your psychoanalysis of the nations poor is more than just a disparaging comment made by privileged, comfortable people?"
Bagar 10 months ago
As compared to the sewage that comes from CNN and others, I feel safe knowing that I'm not the one that wrote the piece and that you would know had you followed and read it.
Daibar 10 months ago
Exactly. Jeez. You?d think Druggie really had a tough time of it with a popular Liberal premier or something.
Voodookazahn 10 months ago
Anything like team spirit? Spirit gum?
Doshakar 9 months ago
Not man enough to be the father of "his" kids. LOL
Zulkirn 9 months ago
Similar to your "sky is falling" conservative one.
Malall 9 months ago
This video has stuck with me. It's short and informative about suicide's impact on friends and family.
Samusida 9 months ago
I am NOW I wasn't for several weeks.
Mikakasa 9 months ago
My kids have never been exposed to Ayn Rand.
Doshura 8 months ago
I guess you slammed the door shut. I feel God's presence at all times &
Yozshubei 8 months ago
The only illusion about magic is it may appear that the person doing it, is the one doing it. Where in fact, it is being done or caused by either a demon, or spirit. Slight of hand trickery is a whole different subject. NO; THEY AREN?T THE SAME THING.
Faetaxe 8 months ago
Am I taking charge because I've been taught that to let him be in charge makes me weak or do I want to actually make all those decisions? The way we are now is that he leads and I follow. This is very different than he rules and I obey. That wouldn't fly. I'm terrible at obeying. If I feel I have to do something I will usually do the opposite.
Mazumi 8 months ago
Atheist believe people have zero intrinsic value. To kill a human is nothing different than killing a blade of grass. Atheism is the most evil of all beliefs. The results speak for themselves.
JoJorn 8 months ago
State-mandated religion of evolution? Can you elaborate?
Mogor 7 months ago
But to answer your question no. The person who decided to kill someone is still a criminal.
Fezilkree 7 months ago
I'm really loving Judgey Cvntland. Can I have an extended stay?
Dikus 7 months ago
By all official data Islam is fastest spreading ideology. Unfortunately. Good for you, I'm same living good life with family, friends, relatives, ... and never miss him. :-)

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