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" I say seeing her smile " I love you as well my love. The phone rang and she dropped the filer on the desk and picked up the reciever and began talking cheerily through it to the person on the other end. Have there been any unpleasant rumours about me among my peers?" "Not that we are aware of, but" I placed my hands on the edge of the desk, gripping it.

Coming back to the window he opened it just a little so he would be able to hear some of what was going on.

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Jujas 1 year ago
What? That makes no sense.
Tojagor 1 year ago
What is Judaism? There's Google searches that tell you what it is.
Dacage 1 year ago
Did you really just right that?
JoJokus 1 year ago
For the record I do not think that you are a racist, Bill. I do think that you are intolerant of people that are different. Nothing to do with color at all. Just a far broader phobia of all things "other".
Moshura 1 year ago
How does that differ from similar views on homosexuality?
Meztibar 1 year ago
Try elaborating on this point. how will going to a forum where people actually read the post, and reply to it, spelling out their disagreement, be either an echo chamber, or not help him?
Kazijora 1 year ago
If morality is objective, then it is necessarily based on something outside the self. The question is, what is that something?
Malagis 1 year ago
Insanity huh? Jesus is now white.....I mean come on. Johan Abrahams has some really strange ideology.
Kazil 1 year ago
No, I see the claim, not reason.
Gardak 1 year ago
This is called accurately citing the Bible and exposing you and the dishonesty for which you stand.
Zolosar 1 year ago
If he's losing interest in you, and he's showing it but pretending not to be aware of it, then do the same. Make yourself interested in some other hot, tall, fit guy... nah was half joking.. Anyway, I don't really know if you're still seeing this guy as the one you really want to be with for a long time.. Not sure but he's making it clear that he's not worth of your interest.. Is he really serious about you.. Cuz if he is, he might be distracted by the new girl once or twice but not make it a habit of his to be always watching over her and having all those imaginations about her and completely forgetting about the You whom he knew for 5 years already... You should talk to him seriously and reconsider the whole thing about yourselves, give each other a break and see the results.. You should really appreciate yourself more and if he doesn't deserve you, don't give him the chance to do such bad things for you..
Vikree 1 year ago
I was just thinking this, lie and then after the wedding send the baker a picture of the two grooms
Vudobei 1 year ago
Exactly. Some love seeing Weinstein go down because he's on the "left." I made a negative comment about a left wing politician that was harassing women on a left-leaning site and got attacked for it. I hate that it's become political.
Sakree 1 year ago
Lol mine is a masterpiece for sure
Keran 1 year ago
Because DAWKINS, baby!
Vikus 1 year ago
Good morning Mr. Manteaux. I will be smoking a nice big fat one when I get back. I just don't sit like this.
Yoshakar 1 year ago
1.) Reply "WHO IS THIS?" in all caps.
Kagakasa 1 year ago
I'll help us out and go to the actual site:
Yozshulabar 1 year ago
I would expect that forced birthers, like yourself, would advocate for arresting, charging, trying, convicting, and executing the 600,000 women who have abortions each year. Yet, for some reason, you refuse.
Faetaur 1 year ago
I know men who actually do things like this are rare, but I have noticed men even here that became extremely angry about topics related to men being denied sex or women not enjoying certain sexual things. Then you have the other people who idolize the men who commit these violent acts. It seems pretty pervasive in our culture.
Duzilkree 1 year ago
My main reason I am against it, is that whenever a society determines that life begins at any point other than conception, there inevitably will be a slippery slope towards devaluing the life of people who have been born.
Shataxe 1 year ago
Because parents don't control their child's personality. Some people are just loners and there is nothing wrong with it.
Dozragore 1 year ago
Maybe Mexico should have done so sooner. I mean their citizens are fleeing their country to come over and make money here. So now we don't want to pay a fair price to export and we don't want to have their citizens coming here to work undocumented. Can't have it both ways.
Majas 1 year ago
Do you have any logical thought what so ever? If he left major Muslim countries off of his ban than he did not wish to ban all Muslims.
JoJokus 11 months ago
Your approval of centuries of unabated child rape is noted.
Fenrijind 11 months ago
I also know people who considered abortion, changed their minds, and now can't imagine life without their child.
Garr 11 months ago
Better than the endorsement of the unconvicted crooks from the NDP "intelligentsia." :-)
Tasida 11 months ago
Diagnosis error at Golgotha? People have woken up on morgue slabs before. I mean, I agree usually a spear through the lungs is fatal... but you never know.
Vitilar 10 months ago
I get that. Technically they have the right to promote whoever they want.
Tebei 10 months ago
Turd-eau = Tru-deau
Arashigore 10 months ago
Oh. No doubt. The civil war as an example was a christian vs christian ordeal.
Tolmaran 10 months ago
Exactly: prolific, but not going to plan. So remove the feature altogether.

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