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"I didn't read a single one of your responses, since they do not appear to be actual replies to what I posted."

The Flare - Making love to that ass from the back

I'm making bologna sandwiches. He was so god damn gorgeous. His cock was pushed almost painfully against her tight abs.

exposed in this position, sajple still, I started breathing heavily and was excited about what was gonna happen.

The Flare - Making love to that ass from the back

She had caught the eye of my best friend at the time, Don. Both Bill Dave were totally spent. The biggest surprise to me was that Imraan was still hard and ready to go once more and in order to fully satisfy Pamela's Fantasy, he stood over my head with my face in between his legs looking up at his dangling balls as Pamela rode me with he back fully arched on top of me and then he drove his huge 9" cock into her screaming mouth that only muffled her screaming at first but eventually turned into sounds of slurping and a few gags as he drove it all the way in.

His eyes travelled to the gap left by my undone shirt buttons, and the bulge of my breasts. is he trying to.

He smiled to himself as he remember plunging his cock into her soaking wet pussy. I had a full view; Jasper fucked her arse while she descended into moans in time with the dog's thrusts.

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Toktilar 1 year ago
God NEVER changes.
Gakus 1 year ago
thankfully that is far from Truth.
Kazizragore 1 year ago
Trump's tariffs are back-firing as badly as a poorly tuned Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Grojinn 1 year ago
Lol yeeah...I referenced the bottom part and I think the names got switched in the OP. Luckily I didn't have any money on the line when I typed this.
Mezinris 1 year ago
Ahh so you are one of the do as I say not as I do types.... gotcha. Its so much easier to force people to live up to your principles then to do it yourself huh... So its your choice to stay here ? sure it is keep telling yourself that. You could be comfortable elsewhere, cool story bro, then why don't you do so, lulz I have never met a poor person on the internet.
Yonris 1 year ago
No, you are wrong. Theism is nothing more than the answer to the question "Do you believe in God" THAT IS IT. For any type of code or dogma, you need a specific denomination of theism.
Gozragore 1 year ago
Trump has a Republican congress, so there goes that talking point.
Gardasar 1 year ago
I did no such thing.
Sashura 1 year ago
Certainly, "fortress mentalities" have been named and spoken against. Most here are talking about "evidence", and showing love, as signs of the Divine; love, which St. Paul says, is more important than faith, even. I think it can sometimes seem a little difficult to get right. What is love? Identifying evil can be important, via discernment, but there can be a point where we let ourselves be ruled by it, possibly. Causing the focus to be on evil rather than love.
Zukinos 1 year ago
technically - although I THOUGHT the girl in the photo was the shooter - at no where did I post that she WAS the shooter... I stand by my opinion that the shooter deserves the death penalty, REGARDLESS of what the shooter looks like...
Dulrajas 1 year ago
Sorry if you don?t like the real world one day you will want to visit us here it is really not that bad.
Nikosar 1 year ago
No, YOU are claiming I'm claiming "THUS GOD". That's not even anywhere in the OP. You're imagining things.
Tygosida 1 year ago
Therefore the peace of God:
Feshura 1 year ago
The word of God records human nature and actions, which you have described, but God Himself and His plan and purpose is beautiful.
Maucage 1 year ago
Swing and a miss. Free speech doesn't mean a right to not be criticized, no matter how entitled you feel to that welfare queen mentality of yours.
Akinora 1 year ago
I am a streaming addict
Yozshurg 1 year ago
I quoted from Richard Dawkins, you didn't seem to like that quote.
Shakajinn 1 year ago
From my upbringing as a Catholic/Christian (I think), I can sorta see the logic behind the idea that Mary was without sin. Jesus was supposedly born without sin, but he's also God, and it would make sense for the "vessel" birthing Jesus to have to be pure as well. Even makes sense thinking about older Jewish laws around keeping temples, literally houses for God to dwell in, pure in all ways.
Muzilkree 1 year ago
And that of course makes this person an expert on radiometric dating.
Migal 1 year ago
I'm good with your argument, friend, appreciate it.^
Tasida 1 year ago
Exactly. They try to keep me from inking up and piercing up and trying to make me wear conservative clothing and dress in skirts and all this-- it's disgusting.

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