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"God is supernatural so we can't have scientific evidence of him. But I have evidence of him but you will not believe it if I tell you."

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She screamed "OOOOOOOh shit here it cums, deeper you fucking asshole, fuck the shit out of me, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it" Holy hell, I have never heard her talk like that before and mouh of been scard more than anything I shoved my fist up her cunt as far as I could and watched most of my whole forearm disappear inside the woman I now loved.

Amazingly enough, he stopped suddenly, pulling out .

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Harder, harder!" I began to pound her harder and harder. His naked body gleamed, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, but his attention was on the girl. "Just want did you mean?' and she pulled the top away and tossed it to the ground. The next morning she told me all about diks night, she had always fantasized about 3 guys at once.

She began to moan loudly, and it crescendoed to a painful yelps as Derek went deeper and deeper. She was looking sexy in a red cameo and panties.

I was almost passing out when she guided me to the tub, she sat down on the side and forced my head between her legs, she buried my face in her tight dripping wet cunt, I extended my tongue and indulged in her pussy, she had a tart taste but I was inclined to get her off.

She began to grind and rock dicls hips back and forth, almost bringing Derek to the point of orgasm again. I can't stay focused on my tables, and it's beginning to piss off some of the customers.

After she left this morning, I had to begin prepping the vegetables for the Salad Bar. A lazy smile touched his lips as he withdrew the fudge cookie from the bag.

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Micage 1 year ago
Good morning Mr. Manteaux. I will be smoking a nice big fat one when I get back. I just don't sit like this.
Kesho 1 year ago
What if that person's "god" is Allah? We have a 1st Amendment that Congress can make
Zulkitaur 1 year ago
Are you just ignorant of the recent findings or are you just not getting it?
Yot 1 year ago
An "alternative" hypothesis?
Kigajinn 1 year ago
Wtf? Why the hell do I care about that even if it is true? You?re a liar. All you do is lie and it takes you a whole day each time to come up with your stupid lies. See you next time, dingus.
Nezahn 1 year ago
Why not? She works at the White House and defends her fathers policies.
Zudal 1 year ago
As I walk along this roooooaaaaddd...
Motilar 1 year ago
Off with their heads!
Moogushura 1 year ago
You mean, 'Gay Blade' don't you?
Domuro 1 year ago
So are drunk driving and speeding.
Shaktihn 1 year ago
Those are all entertainment industries though, and make money in advertising which carries a different connotation say than Whiskers & Tails Pet Grooming business down the street.
Toshakar 1 year ago
Tell us about "laws of science" as opposed to "theory," please.
Dodal 1 year ago
I might have better luck of not catching a disease if I went swimming in raw sewage. Ugh.
Tauzahn 1 year ago
Interesting article. Especially where it concludes:
JoJosho 1 year ago
Yes! This I learned about men, they don't understand that the orgasm isn't the only thing enjoyable about sex.
Mishura 1 year ago
MTM. I think some folks find their God?s between FOMA and Granfalloons .
Virg 1 year ago
What is Grace doing now a days?. Last time I saw her was in a Conan movie.
Taushura 1 year ago
Being black is not a sin against God. I'm only speaking on behalf of Christians . The difference between a black and a white human is only the melanin density of their skins.
Guzragore 1 year ago
I just didn't read it that way. I took it as mocking the notion that all gun owners are responsible when we know they aren't.
Kagasho 1 year ago
Those dogs are too smart for our own good. :-)
Feshicage 11 months ago
It?s akways those damn commie leftists eh?

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