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"Every thing in the mainstream media is fake news. They are mostly prostitutes. The Luciferian left pays them for "writing" Stories"

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" She seductively lifted her pearl white hand and ran it slowly down her tits, moaning slightly in pleasure. " I looked at the quality of the clothes I was being given, and instinctively I knew that I had found an owner who would treat me very well, despite my age and the amount of miles I had on the clock; I had, after all, been round the block a few times.

Open your mouth the man said,as he pushed his cock to my face, No I repliedhe leant over me ,squeezed im nose,I opened my mouth to breathe and his cock went, he held the back of my head very firmly,and said SUCK, I did,nt really have any choice, It did,nt taste like any lolly tge it grew bigger in my mouth, he pumped it in ,and further in my little mouth,I nearly choked, but that was all part of his pleasure.

Bryci - Lace Lingerie (two cumshots)

god this is soo hot. Soon I licked his cock clean, Dave that was the other mans name, in the meantime had got some water from the pond and was busily washing my anus Bewutiful of spent sperm. We didn't do it again, I'd like to though. I still found myself with Bill perched on my chest, with left hand behind himself ,fondling my cock, and every so often,would lean into my face,and repeating over and over again, on how he was looking forward to fucking my arse and shooting his white stuff into me.

" "He's a pervert. He used his thumbs to open her Geoup, just enough to get a peek at her anus. "Shit, that was fuckin' crazy, you oughtta be in porn or somethin'. I got to the point of being bored with attempting to get some extra sensation and gave ghe on the idea.

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Bajinn 1 year ago
Is this the Second Coming of the Prophet Zarquon?
Mektilar 1 year ago
Ever heard of a Clinton? Look at how congress uses our tax dollars as a slush fund for paying off women. Look how people get "sweet deals" such as tax exempt for nothing...So yes, I stand by my rob them blind comment...There is a reason politicians are millionaires and will do anything to stay in office.
Dotilar 1 year ago
Yes she has an extreme personality. It's all or nothing with her but I try my hardest to remain positive with her.
Gole 1 year ago
Aren't restaurants subject to public accommodation laws? Last I checked, people who use profanity were not a protected class.
Vutaur 1 year ago
Maybe. But they are busy as heck and still make their own policy decisions.
Nijin 1 year ago
Keep the Starschmucks, I got free office coffee. I'll snag a bagel though!
Gusar 1 year ago
NO YOU CAN?T FAKE WALKING ON WATER, NOR LEVITATION. Those who attempt to ?fake it? don?t look like they are walking on water.
Vozilkree 1 year ago
Yeah, orders from the enemy's headquarters.
Yojin 1 year ago
You know, I've never had a macaron.
Dikazahn 1 year ago
Translation: You keep NAILING it--and it gives me the sadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Zolojin 1 year ago
First, lets get this out of the way:
Nijind 1 year ago
Even if I were to accept your proposition, and I don't, it's still hardly what you'd expect from an all powerful deity.
Saktilar 1 year ago
FYI I don't really believe this argument I am just playing the game;)
Sham 1 year ago
I knew it!
Samujin 11 months ago
No, no, sweetie. If you're going to throw childish insults, then that's what you shall get in return. If you don't like it, don't start. You seem to be under the impression my gender gives you leave to be a condescending ass without repercussion. Think again. Respect is earned, not demanded.
Voodooshura 11 months ago
Haha, probably? :D
Tagore 11 months ago
Civil war... lol
Mezuru 11 months ago
I think they just mean the atheist media, books, conferences etc... Not really organized. Maybe public or celebrity atheism is a better term than organized.
Dalkree 11 months ago
You need to get yourself a copy of 'Hollywood Babylon' by Kenneth Anger. It's chock full of lies and BS and all of it very salacious. Heck, some of its lies are repeated as urban legends even today!
Kigajora 10 months ago
Drats, not a very good copy.
Kajikazahn 10 months ago
LOL I love us <3
Makora 10 months ago
I agree it could put our entire knowledge of Roman history into question. But how does that affect our society today, Tainley? Do you think people would act/behave any differently now that we know Hannibal didn't really exist?
Jujora 10 months ago
this isn't an abortion debate. Please stay on topic
Ketilar 10 months ago
Wasn t one of Trump promises that he was different from other politicians? Now whataboutism is used to excuse Trump from being just like the others. LOL!
Vibei 9 months ago
Totally missed the word friend.

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