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There is a long held myth in the horse community that farriers never need to advertise but I'm afraid we are just like any other tradesmen and we regularly need good new clients. While it is true there is a limit to the number of horses any farrier can service effectively our horses are always rotating.

We see clients go to University and sell their horse, they get a job and buy a horse again, they marry have kids and sell their horse, the kids get older they buy a horse and so it goes. Clients' circumstances are always changing, they move away, they lose jobs, they get sick, they sell their horses and they buy new horses.

In short all farriers take on new clients from time to time, it just depends when you call.
As for me I'm always happy to meet new horses and clients if I have the time.





I stock a large inventory of sizes and styles of shoes as well as a complete assortment of bar-shoes, synthetic(plastic) shoes and pads.

I also stock a wide array of Vettec and Keratin hoof care products for the creation of foal extensions, gluing on shoes, repairing hoof walls, and providing support to the sensitive structures of the horse’s foot.

Shoeing Prices

Steel Shoes
Two feet shod and two feet trimmed, from $135.
All four feet shod, from $195.
Prices include hot or cold, with clips, rocker, rolled or square toes(whatever is best for the horse).

Stud holes from $10 per foot
Pads from $15 per foot
Silicon packing from $30 per foot

Synthetic (Plastic) Horseshoes
Easy walkers and Eponashoes prices vary with exchange rates

Bar Shoes from $65 per foot

Navicular, Founder, Crack Repairs, Hoof Reconstruction and any other therapeutic work is priced individually based on the treatment required.

Barefoot Prices

My Barefoot Trimming practice is based in the “Natural Trimming” taught by Pete Ramey. I’ve found his philosophies work very well and I have experienced great successes with therapeutic trimming work.

Trims all round
horses from $50, miniatures $40, foals & donkeys $40
Prices for more therapeutic trims will reflect the time involved.

Hoofboot Fitting

My providing a hoofboot fitting service was really born from me being tired of getting constant calls from customers who had gone out, bought boots on the internet and then could not get them to fit their horse and wanted the horse trimmed to fit the new boots.

After spending almost a year trying different hoofboots I now stock a range of sizes of EASYBOOT EPICS which I’ve found to be the most reliable and easy hoofboots to use on the market today. They also have the advantage of being able to be used therapeutically with insert support pads to treat a range of conditions rather than barshoes or pads.

I have a full range of sizes of new EASYBOOT EPICS and also usually have several used EASYBOOT EPICS available for purchase at reduced prices.

EASYBOOT EPICS prices vary with exchange rates (No PST or GST on Sales)


Terms and Conditions

1. I work by appointment only and appointments are sacred. I will call if I am running late.

2. I conditionally guarantee my work.

3. I expect payment at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. I accept cash, cheque, or Interac online as payment. I do charge a $20 fee on returned cheques.

4. I do not work on horses with chronic behaviour problems. I am happy to evaluate how bad the problem is in person though.

5. I require a decent area in which to work.

6. During a first appointment I require a competent person to be present to handle the horse.


1.Showing up two hours late. This allows horse owners to spend extra quality time with their horses, rather than doing unimportant things like fetching the kids from school or getting the car repaired.

2. Showing up two days late. This allows horse owners more time to get ready for the farrier's visit. It allows for things like choosing the appropriate wardrobe, getting that last speck of dirt off Old Three Legs and fantasizing about the wonderful experience of standing in the cold of January while the farrier sweats like a mule.

3. Showing up two weeks late. This allows horse owners plenty of time to wander the pastures in search of lost shoes that came off two days after the scheduled appointment. This is a wonderful form of exercise many non-horse folks don't appreciate.

4. Not showing up at all. A great form of psychotherapy for horse owners, allowing them to finally deal with those long ago feelings of abandonment from childhood. Farriers should charge extra for this service but they don't. They see it as a benefit to the community at large.

5. Not returning phone calls for several days or weeks. Especially about lost shoes. This allows clients to appreciate the quality work farriers do by reminding them how meaningful their relationship with their farrier really is.

6. Taking several more days or weeks to get that lost shoe back on. See number 5. Multiply times 10.

7. Cussing the cat, kicking the dog and leaving rasp marks on the horses hiney, all examples of saving the owner the unpleasant and distasteful task of disciplining unruly pets. This is another customer service that most farriers refuse to charge for out of the kindness of their hearts.

8. Leaving all those little nail tips on the driveway allows horse owners to appreciate the value of the automobile, thus further enhancing their relationship with Old Three Legs by knowing he's around for emergency transportation when the tires on the family car go flat.

9. Leaving all those wonderful hoof trimmings for the dog. What a generous treat! And it's free to boot. The large pool of vomit on the living room carpet at 3 AM is a small price to pay for canine happiness.

10. Charging outrageous prices for mediocre work--a lesson in the value of friendship. Your farrier allows you to show him how important that friendship is every four or five weeks by tipping him above and beyond the true value of his work. How kind of him to offer you such an opportunity!


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