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"Doesn't follow...yet. There is only one Facebook, which has very minor competition. There are probably dozens of bakeries within a reasonable driving time of a given customer."

Caprice and Sybil

He looked down at her, at his cock buried in her mouth, and sighed. But unfortunately, the next customer seemed to be in a hurry, rudely throwing her orders at me.

Caprice and Sybil

She knew that I never stayed vireo so she asked me how long was I staying at my grandparents for and I told her that I was only here for a week. then my asshole erupts and spews out the load that Mick has just pumped into me. Now the suite had a string tie at the neck and across back.

I told her I would and went right over. He pulled out his finger then started pushing back in, this time with two fingers. "You will get to wear this now, and today while we are home.

My nipples are pulsing inside Donnie's mouth, and he's squishing my tits together and apart.

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Vojin 3 weeks ago
It would hardly be the first time Christianity took on a lot of pagan influence. Everything from Yule logs to Easter eggs to arguably even the concept of a dying and resurrecting God come from pagan influences. If having heavy pagan influences made a religion not Christianity then that applies to pretty much all modern Christianity.
Shahn 2 weeks ago
Thank you. It very much is.
Tojabar 1 week ago
Actually the next up is getting the dogmatic atheist ideology of the unproven Godless origins of the universe and life, out of schools, and make schools truly neutral by teaching both sides of the argument
Nektilar 1 day ago
2. Nope. I?d prefer cats. They clean up after themselves ._.

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