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"Doesn't follow...yet. There is only one Facebook, which has very minor competition. There are probably dozens of bakeries within a reasonable driving time of a given customer."

Caprice and Sybil

He looked down at her, at his cock buried in her mouth, and sighed. But unfortunately, the next customer seemed to be in a hurry, rudely throwing her orders at me.

Caprice and Sybil

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Vojin 7 months ago
It would hardly be the first time Christianity took on a lot of pagan influence. Everything from Yule logs to Easter eggs to arguably even the concept of a dying and resurrecting God come from pagan influences. If having heavy pagan influences made a religion not Christianity then that applies to pretty much all modern Christianity.
Shahn 7 months ago
Thank you. It very much is.
Tojabar 7 months ago
Actually the next up is getting the dogmatic atheist ideology of the unproven Godless origins of the universe and life, out of schools, and make schools truly neutral by teaching both sides of the argument
Nektilar 7 months ago
2. Nope. I?d prefer cats. They clean up after themselves ._.
Douhn 6 months ago
I agree. I felt just awful for him.
Mazull 6 months ago
What if they're marrying someone's ex wife?!?!?! You can't be supporting that either!
Akikinos 6 months ago
Yep $$$$$$ and pr
Tagis 6 months ago
I said ? in a sense? .
Kigalkree 6 months ago
Jesus is God embodied in the flesh. On Earth, it was his spirit soul and his flesh. He died, and then he rose from the dead. He rose to heaven and sent his spirit to comfort his people. He is in all of us, including you.
Teshakar 5 months ago
At least the Californios moving to OK are sharing some of the state's values. Hope so at least. Here in central TX we have too many Liberals moving here because of jobs, but not realizing their values are the reason those jobs aren't still in CA.
Faemi 5 months ago
The G7 conference is taking place as we speak....I think it would be wise for all these idiots to be on their best behavior towards Trump. They very well might be asking for his help shortly
Gushicage 5 months ago
Imagine the unspeakable heartbreak of an atheist parent when her child comes home from school and says, "Mommy, let me tell you all about how wonderful Jesus is!" It's the scenario every good atheist parent hopes they'll never have to deal with!
Shar 5 months ago
No arguments from me this time.
Yohn 5 months ago
Yeah- fair is fair.
Daigar 4 months ago
Noooooooooo. My sisters are elegant and diplomatic.
Dougami 4 months ago
What did I say that gives you that idea? Perhaps I either wrote something wrong, or you misunderstood what I wrote?
Tok 4 months ago
So, you think the Bible is false here?
JoJogis 4 months ago
You think there is only the left and the cult? Oh boy...
Kajizil 4 months ago
I do not PRESUME, it IS.
Shasho 4 months ago
Blinders, I presume
Sataxe 4 months ago
Since I'm neither Canadian nor Christian, I don't feel I can add to the discussion. But I'm interested in reading the comments from those who are Canadian Christians.
Gardajinn 3 months ago
No, but I do notice how trolls who have nothing to contribute to the topic ask nonsensical and stupid questions.
Zulkizilkree 3 months ago
I think that the results will vary.
Zolomi 3 months ago
And a Muslim cannot practice Jihad, and a Mormon cannot practice polygamy. That?s because public safety and the common good are the only things that trump religious freedom. In the case of the baker, nobody?s safety was threatened nor was the common good impacted since his action did not prevent their marriage from taking place.
Kagarr 3 months ago
Sure... as long as only one picture is rendered in the discussion description.
Shaktile 3 months ago
So far today we've covered slvt shaming and overpopulation. Yesterday we covered abortion. LS is on a roll!
Faekinos 3 months ago
My grandmother was a complex mess of stuff - bipolar plus personality disorder plus crazy life story plus just some nastiness sometimes. Some of her quirks, like staying up all night, slight hoarding, flight of ideas or pressured speech, were likely part of the bipolar disorder. I don't think that her treatment of my mother was all due to the bipolar though. She was constantly insulting her and showed zero appreciation. I know she was capable of doing better because she was nicer to my sister and I. I have a good friend who is bipolar, and she manages not to be a total bitch to her daughter.

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