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934 03:243 months ago

"Can?t legally charge a president with obstruction. Cry on."

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Femboy takes a big cock like a good slut

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Shajas 3 months ago
Kazil 3 months ago
No, they were not, and numerous investigations of PP in backward red states found no wrongdoing
Megami 3 months ago
This is a man now being paid by CNN a FOX competitor. If you can't understand this is part of why they agreed to pay him then you have to be a little slow. If FOX hires bitter CNN ex employees to bash CNN will you claim THEY KNOW as well?
Kigaktilar 2 months ago
Sex is fun and there's nothing "wrong" or "dirty" about it. Americans in particular need to get over this goofy Puritanism where we are simultaneously obsessed with and repulsed by sex.
Kajigal 2 months ago
I wonder if more fake bewbs would be better. Only one way to find out! MOAR FAKE BEWBS!
Moogutilar 2 months ago
According to whom do the Catholics have it right? Catholics?
Doujora 2 months ago
"As I said before. I am not debating that Britain was Christian BEFORE they colonized North America, that is an obvious fact. I am telling you that Colonization was the prominent factor in it's development over Christianity."
Meztizuru 2 months ago
I've already mentioned one of the best of them, who looks at it differently, its just that he thinks in a higher level of understanding
Shakabei 1 month ago
But none are as clear as "torture them, the blame will all be theirs"
Gum 1 month ago
My kid would go to school and tell every kid that there is no Santa. So in order for him to get along I did not tell him. If your kids can know and not ruin it for others then great. Kind of like on here. Tell people their god doesn't exist and they want to shoot the messenger. Same with Santa. It was a tough decision for me. But the kid gets a lot of presents so it is in his best interests. Santa delivers Xboxes. That is when the whole thing worked against me.
Nir 1 month ago
most of the houses here, regardless of whether they're detached,semi-detached, or townhouses are over 240k. Unless you're buying something that was built in 1920 and it's falling apart.
Jutaxe 4 weeks ago
Yes, I know. You think im the devil incarnate...thats not the point.
Zulkilkree 2 weeks ago
Did you read the OP?
Fauzragore 1 week ago
Lol! Don?t worry! It?s not a black lives matter protest
Tarn 2 days ago
Go every three months also to the lab ... but then again i'm not a complainer .....half of the medical costs are bullshit .....i was told i needed a knee replacement five yrs ago still doing everything i ever enjoyed except golf .......

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