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"LOL the person is stupid as hell. And they keep wanting me to say a racist shouldn't have a job -- which I clearly stated that. It's like HA YOU THINK RACISTS SHOULDN'T WORK YOU'RE THOUGHT POLICE... Dafuq. Sit on a rusty nail and spin bruh."

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Remember, you can do anything to them that you want. and finish their conversation. So good, but this has to be just a teaser.

When I got home from my escapade, I told my Mum that I had walked miles ,and needed a bath, she boiled some hot water in front of the fire,as in the early 1960s central heating was a luxury just comming in, I soaked my body ,and thoroughly cleaned myself.

She then sucked so the tip of my cock was around her lips and then she swirled her tongue around the end of my cock. "Turn around," he ordered.

The voice on the recording midgeg so obviously mine. Isn't this what you've been wanting, swinging that ass around in front of me all day, every day, teasing me" As he said this he pushed his long cock into her all the way till his balls slapped against her ass.

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Meztigor 1 year ago
Another reason I love these chats - Esther4:14.
Sharr 1 year ago
Obama never had any in 8 years so why does Trump need one now?
Tauk 1 year ago
Sorry bud, nobody was killing people in Toronto, when that apparent time period you are commenting about happened.
Kezuru 1 year ago
Then the church will have to live with the consequences.
Voodoonos 1 year ago
Those are great numbers for this President!!! The last poll I saw indicated that CNN, WAPO, NY TIMES, ABC etc.... Are reporting 99% Negative at all times on this President yet......His numbers are comparable to other Presidents going into the mid terms WOW!!!! My thought is that his numbers may actually be higher but the Media is as usual not being honest with their assessments of the President or how they poll.
Meztile 1 year ago
The court cases you've mention all involve the First Amendment.
Doujind 1 year ago
None of that comes from Jesus.
Grogore 1 year ago
"Religion has no right to impose it's agenda on me; an individual. That's literally what you just said."
Gazuru 1 year ago
They spend their time arresting the people that serve them food and watch their kids
Kajirisar 1 year ago
I'm sure the employer will be punished enough with loss of profit. Maybe it will shut down, then everyone can lose their job.
Brataxe 1 year ago
You need to have more understanding of what you read. The purpose was to "trap Him in what He said."
Mulabar 1 year ago
No, but I might have to buy one in those colors for Halloween.
Najas 1 year ago
Does anyone else feel cheated that weddings never serve ice cream?
Tazuru 1 year ago
One way or the other, you're still a liar.
Goltirn 1 year ago
Uncle Screwtape was an invention of C.S. Lewis, who was a religious nut. You can figger it out from there.
Tojakus 1 year ago
The crisis is the FBI planting spies in the Trump campaign, and acting to subvert the electoral process, with the full approval of Obama and his whole corrupt cabal of traitors.
Negar 1 year ago
Should I not?
Yozshulkree 1 year ago
I don?t disagree!
Faukus 1 year ago
No he is not, and he never was. Jesus was the very first of God's creative acts.
Doujinn 1 year ago
True, but if you have gmail and have them in your contacts, sync your calendar and their birthdays auto pop up.
Kazikree 1 year ago
Very interesting. When you consider how many previous ruling influences, translations and revisions there had already been, it's a wonder people still consider the book to contain the exact words of God. (or really, anything close...)
Moogushakar 1 year ago
eventually someone provided examples. I did not want to ....Quid pro Quo
Shaktinris 1 year ago
Sephora, from my experience, is much snootier than Ulta.

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