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"I work in finance. I am not a communist. You are an imbecile."

the morning does not begin with coffee

After the crowd left the parking lot, we decided to get down to business. You must know what that does to a man with a Prince Albert. She continued to bob her head in record speed making all kinds of nasty noises in the process. Or a king-sized cucumber, whichever is the larger.

the morning does not begin with coffee

Both Bill Dave were totally spent. He had much experience unhooking bras, so he got it off of her within seconds. I absent-mindedly took the customers' orders, masking a bright smile. "Jeremy, pull off those panties. When I got home from my escapade, I told my Mum that I had walked miles ,and needed a bath, she boiled some hot Yoyng in front of the fire,as in the early 1960s central heating was a luxury just comming in, I soaked my body ,and thoroughly cleaned myself.

" the secretary replied as she put the phone back to her mouth to resume Brunehte pointless conversation she had been having. It did not take long with the images of Laura down on all fours and me fucking her with a baseball bat before my hips were bucking up to meet my pounding hand that I was rewarded with a load of warm cum being shot on my chest.

There was no cursing in her house. My mate Sam was staying at my house because his house was damaged in the Corbridge floods. Penny was definitely in charge here and Dan liked it. Pamela's hands where pinching her own nipple and grabbing the base of Kiya's rubber penis.

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Shakakinos 1 year ago
You?re a goof christian who thinks that poverty is a moral failing. Typical of Fundamentalists really.
Ditilar 1 year ago
"And this direct witnessing can be taken to the absolute limit. The razor's edge of THIS dimensionless moment.
Gardazshura 1 year ago
Climate change, I assume you can support that it is garbage? Because on one hand we have almost all of the experts in the world, and then on the other we have you. Why should we believe you over people who actually study it en depth.
Durr 1 year ago
You're PARTLY right... you DON'T THINK...
Grolmaran 1 year ago
First you say "hunger." Now it's "nation in starvation?"
Gokora 1 year ago
This is completely different from what I would consider "trapping" someone. This is an example of people being stupid, and that guy is an A-hole.
Tagor 1 year ago
It's an injustice that no one's making her life a TV show. Kids with 2 Kings. Fought 2 Crusades, and 3 civil wars. Eleanor was the Angevin Dynasty.
Kazigul 1 year ago
you comment on Love Stinks threads then complain about about being invited to new discussions
Metaxe 1 year ago
Recommended best practices?
Nikojinn 1 year ago
Yeah, but when she can't breath and the nebulizer treatment isn't helping. she doesn't take it constantly, only when she needs to open up her airways.
Mukus 1 year ago
These folks are all on crack. Aren't they?
Maulkis 1 year ago
Ah, that's where you're wrong. When I was growing up I had strong influences from the time I was a child of people that tried to make me homosexual. But I CHOSE to be straight. OOPS! As for the denomination, I got my knowledge from the Bible which I believe speaks for all born again Christendom. And you can deny the Bible at your own peril. You have been shown clearly and reject it vehemently, so there's nothing more to say. Except think very carefully and honestly. your eternal soul depends on it.
Kagahn 1 year ago
Well. Not much more to be said here. You dont agree and I dont agree. Im moving on.
Kajigor 1 year ago
We all agree with speculation and short term change. Its that this is built upon in some continuous process that's a lie, myth and not science. Its never observed. Genetics CAN trace this...if it were there. The fast breeding species ought to have something happened...but nothing.
Jumi 1 year ago
That was his parents. Are they gods?
Mikagul 1 year ago
While I agree with you on the technicality, I'll also claim that not all assertions are created to be equal. This is where we might segue into a discussion on epistemology and why the nonfalsifable, unevidenced ones don't get to sit at the front of the line.
Dum 1 year ago
LOL! Somebody put the brat to bed please!
Zulugore 1 year ago
Was that an argument?
Duramar 1 year ago
I'd argue the semantics there and say "myth is more than fiction." Kind of like "flat out lies" are a bit different than 'fiction.'
Kasida 1 year ago
No, it is of course not. Have you read the Apocalypse of Peter?

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