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"Jim Crow laws actually prevented businesses from serving blacks and whites in the same spaces. There were several business owners who talked about this later, that they would have made more money without the laws. Most of these laws forced them to create separate but equal spaces. That's double the effort, and less of the profits."

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And with rough hands he reached around and grabbed her swinging breasts and began to roll the nipples between his fingers.

Tonight, we may exhaust one another. He pulled out his finger then started pushing back in, this time with two fingers.

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Nikot 8 months ago
Maybe they were afraid? Most victims don't report. It's not easy.
Juran 8 months ago
False.It is more than just a statement. It is also a belief. A false belief, to be sure, but a belief none-the-less. There is no need to change anything. You believe there is no God. that is of course illogical and foolish.
Daicage 8 months ago
The President keeps talking, and all I keep hearing is "blah, blah, blah..."
Gozilkree 7 months ago
Actually she didn't recant. They charged Rob with domestic abuse, and a week later her story changed. It was the crown that decided they could not get a conviction and withdrew the charges.
Tejind 7 months ago
You do realize the Supreme Court tossed the gay couples suit? Baker doesn't have to pay them anything
Shaktikinos 7 months ago
The only reason Britain allowed it was because the US had the worlds largest standing army at the end of the civil war and they were pissed at the Brits for supporting the south. The move was to at least create the illusion of sovereignty in Canada.
Kijin 7 months ago
>>"If the government is opening up the public to a discussion "<<
Meztikora 7 months ago
Well of course I do.
Zulukree 7 months ago
So you want me to believe in strawberries and your evidence is the claim that they taste good.
Shakamuro 6 months ago
Except that the cat was considered alive and dead at the same time pursuant only to the Copenhagen interpretation, not by looking directly into the box. Therefore just as natural as your dishonesty in failing to mention this and your pathetic alibi for not having done so. "Would have" does not count.
Vurisar 6 months ago
Glad everyone is OK and the neighbor called it in.
Kern 6 months ago
Argumentum ad populum.
Meztira 6 months ago
And Elvis is alive and well, baking bagels in a library in Basingstoke.
Vudojora 6 months ago
I pay my taxes. And they can move. I moved for better work. It ain't rocket science.
Tygok 6 months ago
Exposing me as what? You say fraud, but spade nothing I've said has been false.
Tokasa 5 months ago
First off, start taxing the churches, the Popes churches are all corporations now, so the law suits cant ding his golden goose in Rome. Next shut down the three school boards and just have one for all,french is taught in public schools right up till grade 12. Throw out all religion from the schools and keep it in the churches or at your home. Iam not even Doug Ford and look at the savings right there,,,LOL
Vudojinn 5 months ago
All right, I shall let you off with a warning.
Niran 5 months ago
You think well
Voodoozragore 5 months ago
As a father of three children, we are quite content and able to provide for their well being.
Malataur 4 months ago
Fair enough. But at mot, it's "religious indoctrination" that is barred, not indoctrination as a concept.
Moogulkis 4 months ago
That would not bother me as he did not perform any miracles at that time (if we follow what is written in NT).
Mozragore 4 months ago
Collusion with Russianz!
Zololabar 4 months ago
Knock the cake onto the floor and shut down the business immediately. Problem solved.
Gonos 3 months ago
Very good to see this. A business should have the right to refuse business. There are plenty of places to get a cake baked.
Faeramar 3 months ago
Your Texas sharpshooter comment was crass, as a moderator, acutely so.
Kajishakar 3 months ago
Time for someone to photoshop Ganesha's head on a photo of Trump. This cult is likely to take off, so be sure to copyright what you come up with!
Zulkijar 3 months ago
It does seem like revenge porn rose to prominence at about the same time.
Mikahn 3 months ago
How do you know Kim is not trolling Chump?

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