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"You didn't even read what I posted when I cited my source, so how can I even take what you just said now seriously."

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" He walked out the door, and closed it behind him. She knew that I never stayed long so she asked me how long was I staying at my grandparents for and I told her that I was only here for a week.

Amazingly enough, he stopped suddenly, pulling out. I was totally zoned on the task at hand, until it was time to cut up the cucumbers. An older man, in his late 50s, Mark was a little early for his appointment with John.

I was then able to pick up the pace. Almost as if though he radiated justice and wouldn't harm a fly. However, this man just made me want to throw myself at him like a shameless schoolgirl. It hurts.

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Fenriramar 1 year ago
The fact is that women and slaves saw their lot improve greatly under Mosaic law. I know that is inconvenient to your talking point but comparing a bronze age civilization to ours is apples and oranges.
Faejind 1 year ago
None of those shooters identified as an atheist. You disgrace honest Abe's image with your disingenuous nonsense.
Nedal 1 year ago
Hard to return the Roman coinage as making coins is a specialized task. We say coins are struck, for they literally were as being made from a chunk of soft metal hit with a sledge hammer with a marked head against a marked anvil. Then people would use a knife to shave a sliver off the edge. Collect enough slivers and melt them down any you have gold or silver ingots. Most ancient coins show signs of being shaved. Modern coins have an edge of small verticals lines that show any attempt at shaving. Inflation by the government was accomplished by adding base metals to the rare metal. The older real metal coins were hoarded and the inflated ones used to pay taxes which only worsened the inflation.
Kegrel 1 year ago
To let the kids feel like they enjoy belonging to a larger subgroup and aren't alone in their faith practices.
Yolkis 1 year ago
Oh McSTAIN your OWNERS the Saudi's called to say you AREN'T ALLOWED to DIE YET!
Shajind 1 year ago
Not in the U.S.
Kagadal 1 year ago
Are you just ignorant of the recent findings or are you just not getting it?
Faum 1 year ago
The Christians want to put the teaching of Christian doctrine in public schools, yes those christians are a threat to civil rights.
Faurg 1 year ago
No one gives a shit
Shadal 1 year ago
Which statement Opus? You've implied it: but you haven't stated it?
Mikarn 1 year ago
stick with what you think and see what happens in the end..
Faumuro 1 year ago
What crap. It is not essential to their culture, any more than not having sex with menstruating women is essential to their culture.
Grozuru 1 year ago
If I give you a car to get to work and I find you're using it to traffic drugs, I don't need you to have told me what your plans were. Criminals don't typically document their criminality to law enforcement. SA was given money for a specific purpose. They used it for their own business. They got caught.
Nitilar 1 year ago
You haven't defined "faith."
Fenrigis 1 year ago
As you were not present, you cannot testify as to whether there was or was not pain. You see how strong that first person testimony is? Not being present means you have no basis upon which to make any kind of judgement.
Faunris 1 year ago
Thanks for looking though, how can you call "Life of Brian" garbage?
Faugar 1 year ago
point taken :D
Nezshura 1 year ago
So, you want to argue what constitutes a fool?
Kazilkis 1 year ago
I understand his apprehension, you can never be too sure. However, I have met two (gonna be 3) people that I only knew off Disqus, and I?m still alive lol.
Kagalmaran 1 year ago
4.6 billion years or so almost time for a mathematical collapse or renewal.

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