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""here are several people who are now conglomerates who came from nothing. ""

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Kek 9 months ago
So we should just roll over. The Trumpinator may have bit off more than he can chew.
Mezinos 9 months ago
Should we hang the men who
Mojas 9 months ago
20 years ago my GF told me its the safe time of the month and then we ended up in the clinic. A friend was about to split with his and decided to have a last tango. Prior to that she called me to say she'll make him stay by having his kid. I told her no point as you'll only end up having a messy life. She then proceeded but dumped him and never allowed him to see the kid who is an adult herself now. Does these count as the ability to ensnare?
Fausar 9 months ago
Well if that's the case I hold them just as responsible as him
JoJor 8 months ago
No you are just throwing around the term "logical fallacy" and cant even specifying what logical fallacy or what the fallacy is all to avoid the clear problem with your position.
Togor 8 months ago
I'm not bitter about the stories at all, although I am suspect of the timing. What I'm bitter about is the hypocrisy. We've seen over the past couple of weeks several NDP candidates called out for various things from hating cops to telling us that something as important as Remembrance Day is tantamount to mass brainwashing. Those kind of things resonate with people who support our police and military personnel, as does the flippant way Horwath dismissed the importance of the allegations. She demanded that Brown be immediately dismissed for something he was accused of but not tried or convicted of, and now she's done the same thing with the TPS officer / PC candidate who is suddenly accused of sending threatening emails. Do you not see how such hypocrisy would ruffle some feathers, even if you are unfazed?
Akilmaran 8 months ago
The thing is that in some of these circles you can say things like "that's so ablelist" and they will agree and apologize even if you were joking. Their reality button is broken.
Mahn 8 months ago
he can but why should he do it ? ..Jesus already did what he wanted to do..
Arami 8 months ago
then it had to be 100 for the more obvious reason.
Dojar 8 months ago
Your response is the arrogance of the crelated judging the creator.
Mezigami 7 months ago
Tell me what porphyria has to do with this discussion.
Nibei 7 months ago
Little early to be this high OP.
Akijar 7 months ago
"The National Football League announced Wednesday that all players who are on the field when the national anthem is heard before a game must stand ? or they can choose to remain in the locker room without penalty."
Fenrikus 6 months ago
"Ever seem a President work so hard w/arrows
Faule 6 months ago
So, over a hundred experiments, which run well in excess of 60% showing satistically significant benefit, is in your bizarrely distorted view -- useless?
Arataur 6 months ago
Now you are still just making a value judgement on which life is more valuable than another based on your own personal definition of 'innocence'
Akinokree 6 months ago
Not what I'm saying. We have the right to complain about anything. I think we sound bad when we complain about some of these lesser offenses, though. Her complaint is petty. He made a dumb joke and she blew it out of proportion. When I read that I think, "Wow, she must be a nitpicky person." I don't think, "Wow, I'd like to go hang out with her sometime."
Kirg 6 months ago
Too much experience. It is obvious to any non-biased observer, and I have seen the welfariate while LIVING with them, working where many came to the facility, and listening to many stories, over many years, of firemen, police, social workers, counselors, etc. Consistent.
Zulushura 6 months ago
So it's the IDEA of something which you cannot prove exists. Spare us your sophistry.
Dait 5 months ago
Where would you prefer eating your ramen?
Kazrakus 5 months ago
["American Schlitz-hole #15 ? Comedians Unite! Except You, Dennis MILLER !!!
Voodoozragore 5 months ago
You can but you would be unscriptural.
Juktilar 5 months ago
This is the thing, if there was no war then Germany would not of expanded as Hitler had no intention of 'conquering the world' - he stock piled arms because he knew what going against the (((banks))) would do
Meztijinn 5 months ago
A Republican embracing Drumpf and his policies, is disappointed in me? Heaven forbid!
Jujar 4 months ago
Nope. Not at all.
Kilabar 4 months ago
I work in finance. I am not a communist. You are an imbecile.
Ner 4 months ago
You're asking me for a point? Find one yourself. You brought up Santa Claus.
Akinokinos 4 months ago
"I believe in a fair distribution of wealth"
JoJojinn 4 months ago
A criminal shilling for another crime family member. Wow!. Who'd have guessed.

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