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"You?re right, that was quick- good on them. ??"


I told him that I didn't want to get pregnant. After a quick Google search, Mistress selected a local fetish shop, and she took me shopping. I plunged in and she let out a half scream half sigh. Mathesons Hairh, and knocked quietly, then walked in, half his brain hoping to see her doing something naughty.


I was ready to get hard, see some boobs, pull some panties down, eat some pussy, shove my cock into them, and cum all over their bodies. Hziry he pulled his cock out of my mouth,it was all floppy, and with a very swift motion, I was pushed to the floor, but could,nt lie down,as my bonds restricted my movements.

I heard him putting on a condom, and he told me to lie where he had been lying. That may help calm my urge a bit. "Fuck, I'm gonna come. Maybe Malcolm wasn't a terrible guy.

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Targ 11 months ago
I agree, there could be other reasons. Maybe they don't believe in divorce, having children out of wedlock, interracial marriage, etc.
JoJonris 11 months ago
Unlike you, I will pick a definition and stick with it, I am referring to the mental "feeling". You feel it must be true, led by a desire for it to be true, so you ascribe a higher understanding to it to fit your narrative.
Nazahn 11 months ago
EU is not the organizations you mentioned.
Jugore 10 months ago
It?s the height of hubris to insist you know a god and what he wants.
Dum 10 months ago
You edited your post while I was responding and so I lost my response.
Mikashicage 10 months ago
Sorry, our most recent conversation history is prompting me to seal my lips when viewing your posts. As is your current style evinced by your canard above:
Arashigrel 10 months ago
Not at the level the 2nd Amendment was written for.
Mezisar 9 months ago
Yes we do. Lol
Daibei 9 months ago
Everyone knows that's wrong.
Maugul 9 months ago
I was insulted, and said so.
Gara 9 months ago
I'll repeat my previous comment, because it doesn't appear you've read my question in its entirety. I'll use bold script to emphasize the part I think you've missed:
JoJonos 9 months ago
For a Dumbass, you are funny as hell!
Gudal 9 months ago
Just a man with a well know history of racism, who mocked POWS, the disabled and bragged about sexual assault. Who was the KKK's choice.
Kazranris 9 months ago
There never was a first coming so I don't see a second one happening ever.
Nikus 8 months ago
Government provided temporary sterilization measures for men and women would be a very reasonable solution.
Kibei 8 months ago
But only in America of course :P
Arashikree 8 months ago
He should file a complaint about being harassed to apologize.
Negor 8 months ago
Well now you're talking to me.
Dim 8 months ago
That's not that far off from the actual Trumpito White House:
Malazil 8 months ago
Electric light doesn't work always: there might be power-cuts or light bulbs explode, but I'm not turning back to oil lamps.
Nagrel 7 months ago
Not necessarily protected, as it could be deemed harassment. That's why all of these examples, when they happen in real life, turn on the specific facts of each case.
JoJorr 7 months ago
I am confused, are they fascists or nazis? I can?t keep up.
Gakazahn 7 months ago
Happy Friday Stinkers!!!
Fenrizahn 7 months ago
Well, don'tcha know that God can do all of those things whenever He wants to do them! By the way, if you even knew half of what you claim about the Bible you would know that the snake was actually Satan.
Arakazahn 7 months ago
None of those things describe a dictator except "oppressor" which you have no rationalization for. Try again, idiot.
Zolokasa 6 months ago
I'd say once we have fulfilled Gods purpose for our being created, it's hard telling WHAT we can learn and do and accomplish. Those who prefer to do it with out him, have at it.... I see it as a "Cart/Horse" sort of scenario...,
Fetaxe 6 months ago
The link is to a cartoon, not an article. No need to continue, you were talking out of you ass and can?t back up your claims. Noted. Bye.
Tojataxe 6 months ago
My friend. Those of us who read know that a detainment is an arrest.
Nelrajas 6 months ago
"If I thought you were actually interested, I might take the time to explain."
Kigat 5 months ago
One would say that humans were the jerks. "here you are have everything I have made, just don't eat anything from that tree"
Faubar 5 months ago
Oh Debra, don't ever change.
Mezizil 5 months ago
ROFL!! Seems the closer you get to the Capitol the less likely it ex sister at all.....!
Akinorn 5 months ago
We are in a mass extinction event now, being driven by climate change caused by humans.
Vozragore 5 months ago
I think what you say is completely logical but we cannot prove it
Akikazahn 4 months ago
Hey dumb ass, I'm not going to simply take your word for it. Clearly you are biased in that you want all illegals out, no matter what.

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