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"How and when did Moses get this tablet? Did Moses get this tablet during the first few months of the Exodus (Exod 19:10-25). Because in Deuteronomy Moses gave the Israelites the tablets forty years later in the vicinity of Mt. Horeb (Deut 4:44-48)."

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He took me down a corridor I had never seen before, mostly empty and had very few occupied classrooms. What he saw when he looked out took him a little by surprise, but it was a pleasant one.

Gaby let out another cry. I fucked her for a solid half an hour, she kept moaning and at times screaming my name before Don tried to get in, I slammed the door shut and got up, pulling off the condom and bringing her to her knees by her cum soaked hair.

" "Just how sure were you we were gonna end up fucking?", I asked, even more surprised than before. Amderson shut the door and returned to the couch. When Ella went to sleep I again gently fondled her vulva but I must have dozed off too and I awoke to see Ella's eyes open as she lay on my thigh staring at my rampant cock.

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Samunris 2 months ago
A similar topic is the parents who take their kids on half a dozen extra circular activities. I have nothing against those parents. Its just my thought that one, I need time for myself, and two, when do these kids get time to have play dates, watch tv, play outside? I let my kids have one extra circular.
Shashakar 2 months ago
Cognitive failure 16: conflating an opinion poll qith actual facts or reality
Akishakar 2 months ago
Free my pending comment! ;)
Manris 2 months ago
Ford Nation did not conquer Ontario.
Sakree 2 months ago
You never know what conservatives are going to irrationally fear. But you can bet they aren't going to be as concerned with real threats.
Kagaramar 1 month ago
"The Truth", is not a 'concept', 'idea', 'scientific fact', or even 'multiple' truths.... It's One Person. The Person of Jesus.
Gazshura 1 month ago
Yeah, it's funny how men don't seem to bat an eye at their relationship while a lot of women seek to make it their business. #NotHelpingTheCause
Brajar 1 month ago
but what about the strippers?
Mazulkree 1 month ago
Only when corroborated by other sources of evidence. Hearsay will not convict someone.
Zolok 3 weeks ago
I thought it would look more real with a misspelling
Tek 2 weeks ago
And again, you're the one being intolerant. She wanted her legs waxed, not her genitals.
Dosar 2 weeks ago
I suspected that. I - myself - spent my entire education in a Catholic School. They are the ones who coined the sentence: "give me a child, and I will give you a Jesuit".
Taujora 2 weeks ago
The eventual reductio ad absurdum answer is "our own." If so much of Christianity is obtuse and requires personal interpretation, why not just *cut out the middle man* and use your evolution-given reason right from the word go?
Basho 1 week ago
No you did no such thing.
Didal 5 days ago
Dancing Wu Li Masters, by Zukav is another reference to your list.
Jujar 17 hours ago
NO, the issue is the far-right Fundies who want to impose their self-styled version of Christianity on the rest of society despite laws that guarantee equality even for the people they love to hate.
Akinolar 17 hours ago
Burger King asked Wendy's to Prom. Wendy's said yes, but said not to get handsey and they have to be home by 10.

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