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"Ah, thanks. I did read those articles and found them interesting :)"

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"Are you sure?" She said, looking at me with a smile. well. This all happened in the summer where I turned 18. Now I'm really pissed off.

knowing that he was able to create such pleasure and pain at the same time. I'd done it for seventeen years, so what was another eighteen years of service to a gentle young woman, if those eighteen years of service would purchase my freedom. It was my safe dress that I picked after almost every failed inspection.

" I can't once I've started. I hear Sir moving around the room, but I don't dare look. She looked up trembling and Spnk they were all big men, with big sturdy bodies and all close to six feet tall. I want to eat you out as he takes me with my right SSpank in the air.

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Vugis 10 months ago
Why would I want to take it up with someone who never existed?
Sat 10 months ago
I?m afraid under the current laws he cannot. He?s a business. One licensed to work in the community and not discriminate. He probably pressed T-shirts for other interests that don?t exactly aligned with his beliefs.
Akinor 10 months ago
Trudeau probably has a senate seat waiting.
Mulabar 10 months ago
Says who? Many others throughout history were laden with that title.
Goltigis 10 months ago
I didn?t want to say that, but now that you mention it...
Gulkree 10 months ago
Likely, since a responsible gun owner wouldn't have their weapon in a furniture store in the first place.
Motilar 10 months ago
Lol what happened to being happy with the twig & berries that you have sheesh.
Arakazahn 10 months ago
LMAO! Someone's watched Silence of the Lambs too many times.
Dagami 9 months ago
No - I would need to dig through my archives; but, Australia charges/court case settled those facts and it was quickly swept under the rug. Strangely, it was an Ozzie that made an attempt on QEII & Charles, also. They are a feisty bunch "down under"
Kajile 9 months ago
And a molester??
Gukinos 9 months ago
That's too bad. It's not just Uber, all labor in this country is being devalued. There is no policy for workers who are displaced by tech monopolies...except idiotic advice like you give...I see why your taxi driver hated you.
Dokree 9 months ago
If you have X (god) which is undefined what type of logic or logical argument can be made that is both valid and sound? What can you say about X other that it is a unknown?
Arashira 8 months ago
Who cares? Not me, bye.
Grotaur 8 months ago
Now that's what I call a supersized cup of Kool Aid!
Milar 8 months ago
Just that they tend to be reckless and irresponsible with their weapons
Faujinn 8 months ago
A tall Chinese engineer who has a dry sense of humor. Interested?

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