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"Ok, here you go. Proof that no matter what evidence any of you are presented with, you simply are too hard hearted to believe:"

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Akinot 1 year ago
Seems like one of Trump?s slogans was.....?America first?.Are they surprised?Hell he encouraged them to do the same.Oh yeah and he got elected.
Sami 1 year ago
The bad mind is setan (human).
Vokus 1 year ago
Where did you get that 1/3 statistic?
Gakus 1 year ago
I am always disappointed by this idiot.
Nirr 1 year ago
Ahh, ok thanks.
Vumuro 1 year ago
Our next enlightenment will come from the most secular countries like Sweeden that keep religion out of everything.
Voodoosar 1 year ago
Thank you for acknowledging your irrelevancy
Zulushicage 11 months ago
You are thinking of the Jefferson bible. Yeah he viewed Jeuse as a mortal man with teachings and cut out all the magic and a good deal of the other stuff and focused on the positive stuff.
Dor 11 months ago
Well it appears to be the case that we both live in the 21st century currently. The ToE is well supported and accepted by 90% of the world while Christianity is accepted by 2 billion people out of 7.4 billion. It seems people have looked at your claim and determined in is without warrant/justification.
Akinojin 11 months ago
Phil 2:7 says He was
Meztimuro 11 months ago
The cause doesn't matter - the point is the 'pause' was statistical garbage.
Arazilkree 11 months ago
I am not white.
Goltim 11 months ago
Geopolitical control. The forces on both sides happened to be religious. Most of humanity is in fact 'religious' by some definition.
Goltishura 11 months ago
We're going to hold him responsible for being one great player vs a vastly superior team? The games shouldn't have been as close as they have been.
Zumuro 10 months ago
Tell that to someone from Sudbury. The north is already ticked off that no one gives them the time of day.
Dirisar 10 months ago
If you missed a question on a math test, would you go to heck for "lying"?
Gule 10 months ago
hand them a whoopie cushion.
Nisar 10 months ago
You do realize that the midterms are not until November, right, derp?
Muzilkree 9 months ago
OP has no understanding of the bible. Jesus Christ is not talking about literally saving the world, like superman or batman.
Akigor 9 months ago
Correct. I am glad you understand that if everything is explained by science, the sequence goes like this:
Dumi 9 months ago
"God can be proven - can it not?"
Yom 9 months ago
The sword of the Spirit, as in word of God wielded. It splits truth from everything else
Kagataur 9 months ago
2 bank robberies and a murder in 150 years seems tome to be a fairly law abiding group considering the volume of violent crime on a daily basis.
Gasida 8 months ago
Obama served two terms by that general guiding principle, so it worked out pretty well.
Nezilkree 8 months ago
There is some truth to the article. Local businesses literally call and try to recruit my kids to work low wage jobs.
Mezill 8 months ago
Nope. This is the mentalitiy of the Babies of God. They believe and act like that and thus form different "churches". That is what you see in the World today. But that is the Babies of God.
Moogushakar 8 months ago
Here's an idea:
Moogura 8 months ago
Is the Adam's Apple part of the recruitment advertisement?
Gardakazahn 8 months ago
Probably just learned how to be abused ..
Nalmaran 7 months ago
I have seen things like that listed before. It is simply not evidence man. You do not even know who wrote the Gospels, we know they copied off each other and another unknown text, but we have no clue who wrote them.
Mora 7 months ago
This is so grating. I see it from men on both sides of politics. it doesn't matter who the woman is. They will find something nasty to say about their looks whether it's Ivanka or Hillary Clinton. Because these people believe that the worst insult they can give a woman is about her looks. Because these people think that's the only thing women offer.

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