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"It's not about the nature of proof."

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I'll do anything if you don't beat me like you did Jeremy. Once I was on the ground, he spoke again, in that deep voice of his that made me undeniable hot psnetration sent a chill down my spine.

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"Ok, Adam, what you gotta do is pull it out just a bit, then shove it in, as hard as you can. He opened the door, but before he stepped outside, he turned back to her.

Maria and John left her up there and penetrxtion downstairs. After the pain had faded Sam started to speed up, just as I had done.

"You remember you said that the boys and girls all said different things about how babies are made, would you like to see how it's really done before any of Mobild I enquired, knowing full well she couldn't resist saying yes and she nodded firmly.

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Melabar 8 months ago
Buddy, he was just some guy that lived during that time. It wasn?t until 50 years later that a few people decided to turn him into a symbol to rally behind. And it?s just snowballed from there on. As Christianity being the single most influential force in Western Development... let?s not get carried away. It was more or less British Colonialism that powered that machine.
Arashikinos 8 months ago
Speciation is a fact, but not what's added.
Fenris 8 months ago
So you have done zero research of your own and instead refer your entire knowledge of transgender people to a single member of a non-respected pseudo-medical organization and his YouTube video?
Shakataxe 8 months ago
Even more so is the male feminist. A walking contradiction. If the cruxt of feminism is female independence, a male who helps is nullifying the cause by being male.
Mitaur 7 months ago
You just have to have half a brain.
Dajar 7 months ago
What's this letter...OH, I've just been drafted! Thanks for getting my hopes up, Alan!
Shalar 7 months ago
To state one way or the other without taking the context of ajatnit talking about or what it teaches is just a really dumb question.....
Kajinn 7 months ago
It could be misinterpreted as God loves you enough to do this to you.
Kagajinn 7 months ago
Were the mother and her son SEPARATED FOR WEEKS??? If not...
Nagal 6 months ago
SoS. WTF, you deny that you are religious as you post your views of heaven, hell, ghost worlds and ?GOD? and yet you do not protest being called a ?nutter?.
Grokus 6 months ago
I am doing no such thing. You, like so many leftists, are telling people what they can do without, blissfully oblivious to their own realities. Arrogance is unbecoming, but expected from the self-declared virtuous left.
Shataur 6 months ago
The other shoe has been dropping for 14 months. Maybe one day it will actually hit the ground.
Mikashicage 6 months ago
The RCC is not the only ... branch that claims to be "original". Just to name one, the Orthodox church is as much original as the RCC. The orthodox didn't branch off of the RCC, it was a near equal split. The Great Schism is remarkable in that it wasn't rested in dispute over interpretation of scripture but mainly on dispute over authority.
Gugrel 6 months ago
When it comes to dance, enthusiasm is much more important than skill or style.
Nikokinos 6 months ago
Wow, agreement. : )
Gami 5 months ago
So wish that siestas would catch on here.
Maubar 5 months ago
wow holy filters on her face
Vojora 5 months ago
American HAS been more religious in the past without all this violence. So, if religious involvement is dropping and the nones are rising, why are more of these shootings happening too?
Dujar 4 months ago
The store should not have made the personal information public which invited nutjobs to harass the customer. The rest should be understandable and able to be settled.
Nacage 4 months ago
The voters just gave the liberals a complete evaluation of the last 15 years.
Nikojinn 4 months ago
Spider-Man. With a hyphen. Apparently Marvel wanted to distinguish it from the spelling of Superman...
Dorg 4 months ago
Just what do you mean by "considering the existence?"
Gror 3 months ago
Lot of "what ifs" there....
Shakaran 3 months ago
as you wish

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