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"Great, many thanks for the assistance. You must have unlimited patience."

Broken Bride (PMV)

Randy is jacking himself off to another wild orgasm and Jeremy drives one last time into him before realeasing his cup-full of teenage sperm. These aren't playful smacks, these are definitely punishment and I will be feeling these for a while.

Broken Bride (PMV)

Very few men I have been with have had the same. Matheson had her back to Derek, and like usual he took a long look at her beautiful round ass. Cindy moved her mouth ffee the way to the base of Dan's cock flicking his balls with her tongue.

She came quickly, but I continued to pound her. Matheson finally rose to her feet and put on her bra. " "True. "Look, he's very happy. Desiree smiled and said that she was sure that I Dokination handle two more times. What I had not been aware of ,is that they new I was thereand they had known I was watching them and had been doing so for some weeks, so when I next ventured out to the wood ,to see if they were there ,I could,nt find them, thinking this was,nt there day,I headed further into the copse, until I found the pond in the center.

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Totilar 1 year ago
Whats with the double sock infestation? lol
Yozshudal 11 months ago
The context of the question, "What else can Yahweh not do?" The use of "else" in context with the inability to defeat the enemy with iron chariots. And other subsequent questions in the comments.
Zulkijin 11 months ago
I mean when you work in a business you can?t just send people contracts and expect the person knows what you?re talking about you have to go over the specifics with them and then go over the contract and then have them sign it. If you want to follow up with an email letting them know all the specifics that?s fine but you can?t use only email for business .
Zujora 11 months ago
It could be.If it is much more likely the black guy did it, as police wouldn't you look at the black guy harder? Is that bias, I dunno.
Tygolrajas 11 months ago
Lol! Differentiating between insults and name calling to make up for the fact you have trouble following along ?
Fauzuru 11 months ago
Well said. It wouldn't matter to me when one chooses to live a virtuous life...with a couple caveats. If there was a serial killer who spent the majority of his life murdering people, only to spend the last third of his life working in a soup kitchen and donating to charity, living that kind of virtuous life isn't going to wipe his criminal record away.
Doubar 10 months ago
I listen to kevin Polock was spoken of there.
Tozshura 10 months ago
I don't know. What do you mean...into 7 languages...7 times, from one langauge to the next...what are talking about?
Dolabar 10 months ago
Who doesn?t love cake?
Vudoshakar 10 months ago
Is quickness of communication a necessary component of accuracy?
Kazibei 10 months ago
Here's someone who is so proud, "Look I have a new label!" Now I'm this! And now I get all these new baseless superstitions which I made up in my head! Yeah, good for you. Goody goody gumdrops. Time to grow up.
Faesida 9 months ago
No, not all.
Zulule 9 months ago
We are lucky I guess. Our markets are year round, so we get rain. But they are all also held on pavement! No mud, but puddles. ??
Zulkidal 9 months ago
Separating babies from desparate mothers over a misdemeanor charge then holding them ransom against their right to due an ACTION against people...not an opinion.
Mikalmaran 9 months ago
Umm... That process was in place during Obama, and you never said a word. Trump quickly and decisively signed an executive order ending that practice, yet you want to pretend that didn't happen. You also never say shit about government agencies responsible for American parents who wrongly get separated from their kids, ignorant hypocrite. Your care is only social media deep. Take your fake SJW outrage elsewhere.
Akinosar 8 months ago
Skin rashes, joint pain and fatigue. Hmmm, could be (says the random internet person with no medical degree). I'm sure they have they done the antinuclear antibody test, yes?
Tokinos 8 months ago
Would that be the taking of any life for any reason?
Yojora 8 months ago
3 hours of work today is enough, right? I can leave now and get paid for the whole 8, right?
Digul 8 months ago
A "gun addiction." I read that one in DSM V. It's REAL, folks! He didn't make it up out of thin air! I swear!
Daibar 8 months ago
Businesses have the right to discriminate. The right doesn't care if you kick them out of your restaurant, because the free market will correct it. The neighbors will hear of your ugly policy and not buy your product. It will have repercussions, in the free market. The left wants to use the SUPREME COURT to legislate that YOU HAVE TO SERVE everyone like you are a slave. There is only hypocrispy in the poor gilded mind of a person who believes that:
Zulkik 8 months ago
There is specific atheist data from the Bureua of Prisoners. It?s less than 1 in 1000 prisoners who specifically identify as atheist. That?s a number so small that apparently the survey you selected didn?t bother to include it. But you can?t just conflate ?No religious preference? with ?atheism? if atheism isn?t listed.
Melrajas 8 months ago
I don't see the reason someone professing to be their own god would bother looking for any truth outside their own perceptions and judgement.
Zulkikree 7 months ago
He experiences both perspectives fully. This should not surprise you, since your own capacity for memory does not negate your ability to experience fully the present moment as present.
Mezinos 7 months ago
And squash the evil liberals like roaches....
Metilar 7 months ago
I was thinking the "Love in an Elevator" video, but that works too :)
Negis 7 months ago
How long will Trump be President wh n you stop blaming history for his bumbling?
Tarn 7 months ago
I agree. The former was simple to satisfy e-verify, which was a poor policy.
Kazrarn 7 months ago
Keep at it, G! You'll get there with practice.
Ditaxe 7 months ago
Do you think it's possible they just enjoy raising kids?
Doulabar 6 months ago
No, in this OP, 0 means certain a creator doesn't exist. 50 no certainty either way.

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