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"It's been nice but I've wanted to move for a while. People up here seem to get defensive when you tell them you'd prefer city living but they don't seem to mind slagging city living. There was one guy we knew when we first moved here who would say he was going to the big smoke. I always thought he was referring to Toronto but found out he meant Orillia!"

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PAM!!. " My beautiful Latina angel tells me with quiet tears " As I love you my darlin love.

As Ivy increased the intensity of her sucking, I pressed my mouth down onto Ivy's twat and kissed it as hard as I could. fuck. My tongue running over top to bottom moving to the other. there in the pool were Penny and another young girl with short curly black hair.

But Dad stopped me by grabbing my hand and he said, in the biggest surprise of the evening so far he said, "Adam, before you wipe it all away, I have a favor to ask you. "Gets you that way don't it?" Jenni had been watching from the doorway. I stopped him before he reached it.

"But maybe next time, I could do you," he crooned with that evil, irresistable grin. I sometimes felt as if he were trying to get an even coating, as if he could thereby envelop me in an embrace all the larger with his ejaculate as a part of his body by proxy.

I pounded my fist against the mattress and forced myself not to curse, because I know I would be punished severely if my mother heard me. I did a few strokes like this, slow and hard, but she said, "Yeah Bryan, faster, faster, YES.

Then I set her down, grabbed her hip with one hand and pushed her upper back forward with the other. "Oh John that feels just wonderful I love your hands. When I got home from my escapade, I told my Mum that I had walked miles ,and needed a bath, she boiled some hot water in front of the fire,as in the early 1960s central heating was a luxury just comming in, I soaked my body ,and thoroughly cleaned myself.

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Tojagor 1 year ago
You do realize how stupid that is to say, or do you?
Yolmaran 1 year ago
It was the only part of that post you addressed after I answered the question the first time and asked what your dispute was with the source. It seemed to be the tangent you were pursuing.
Kagalkis 1 year ago
So in an utterly lame attempt to rebut the fact that western civilization is based on Judeo-Christian values, you felt the need to go back nearly a millennium to cherry-pick a person who was thought to have made a statement that went against Judeo-Christian values.
Bajin 1 year ago
Steve: this is the Principle of payment, retribution or redemption for Israel. Adam was the First death: all the Law of Israel dealt from that moment on. Abraham had already started to tithe his 10 % of everything to Melchizedek, although the Law had not been given. The same thing is attached to the payment for a life lost. I used the KJVL, with Hebrew words;
Gok 1 year ago
Spoiler: the passage was Jesus answering the Pharisees about *divorce*. You still seem to have missed that fact.
Dijora 1 year ago
"Nothing I?ve said was in any way to compel you or anyone else to believe what I believe. "
Nebar 1 year ago
So you don't think there are towns in the US where the majority of people would rather not serve gay people?
Zujar 1 year ago
clear and concise. outstanding.
Kagagor 1 year ago
He has always been good to us till 3yrs ago when he neglected his responsibilities while he was busy roaming around...
Gardalar 1 year ago
A distinction without a clue, like that makes it ok. They asked him to bake them a wedding cake, the man makes wedding cakes for others, the refusal to sell them a wedding cake is plainly discrimination.
Arashikree 1 year ago
But what I'd like to clear up is how does the rudeness/condescension come out.
Nikolmaran 1 year ago
The only thing that's being exposed right now is your over-reliance on meaningless buzzwords.
Tokus 1 year ago
I only found there were channels by mis-clicking and hitting someone's profile when commenting on SpaceNews. It wasn't obvious when I signed up that Disqus was more than a comment system for web sites.
Tojanos 1 year ago
Yeah more accusations have just come out. A really disgusting one in the Washington Post about women being held hostage in the studio unable to even use the restroom without his permission. A staffer took pictures of cups of urine left behind in the room.
Kazshura 1 year ago
not what she was convicted of
Zololl 1 year ago
I love it when people who don't have the slightest clue use the word "obviously".
Kazisida 1 year ago
YOU are the one who said that atheism ''must'' deal with that question !
Nikogul 1 year ago
Did I post this one yet?
Kegal 1 year ago
Actually, that's what you've done.
Mikagor 1 year ago
Are you saying the scientists who found this problem lied? Read the linked article.
Meztijin 1 year ago
Oh, we agree. The thing is, beauty, like morality, has changed over time. Therefore, the standards of both are subjective specifically for the current timeframe of the current society.
Nesida 1 year ago
Nope, it is what is written, black on white. No interpretation there even if Bible is so full of contradictions.
Taull 1 year ago
How can you say Bart Erman is not documented? The man has several books.
Zulukasa 1 year ago
That's when their us no human explanation. I became very interested in
Dole 1 year ago
You can no sooner have a relationship with The God of the Bible than you can have a relationship with Gandalf.
Mazum 1 year ago
;) I give him a bit more leniency in his bedroom bc it's his space. But if weird smells start to waft into the hallway from his room then we have a problem.
Samuran 1 year ago
Hahaha so you have nothing no solution or reccomendations just criticism. When there is no refute, you name call and stomp out. OK - yep I see you.
Tojarisar 1 year ago
I think there?s no need to be dismissive of an equally relevant question.
Fezil 1 year ago
I read an article saying they had confirmed it with the other restaurant owner but it was the bed and breakfast owner not a restaurant owner. No one has said where she had dinner yet
Bragar 1 year ago
I don?t see either of the words ?insane? or ?anti-gay?.
Fenrijinn 1 year ago
Cricket is a chirpy-legged bug. But the unis are cute!
Nizil 1 year ago
I look. Looking isn't a crime. I don't care if the person i'm with looks either. Everyone looks. Just don't touch.
JoJogal 1 year ago
Sure they came back 80-120 million years later and the tomb was empty. "Where did he go?" :-)

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