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""Most Christians were brought up to believe that God created Adam on the first day" Where did you get that idea. If anything Adam and Eve as man and woman would have been created on day 6. See chapter one of Genesis. However, the first chapter really talks about the original creation and the creation of all the men and women that were created on Earth. Adam and Eve were created in the Garden which was not on Earth. They were created after in chapter two. I look at Adam and Eve as the precursor to the Jewish people as the old testament is all about the adventures that lead to them coming into the Promised Land."

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I get into my car, still feeling the wetness between my legs. She is going to get it when I get home. My wife spent her energies, landscaping the front and really making the place just so beautiful.

"Well Sir, you are a nice in both length and width. As I sluggishly prepared for the long day ahead of me, I recalled the details of how I had managed to have an orgasm on the phone with the resident bad boy at my school when he had only called to get me to do his homework.

We changed positions and he started to go for broke in my hands. She did it a couple of times and then I started to gently rub the inside of her thigh.

I was so engrossed with the book,that I did,nt hear the van door open, Bill shouted what do you think your doing, Oooo Im sorry, I was early and came in.

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Kigarn 1 year ago
Wishful thinking. It may or may not happen. Would you like some key lime pie for dessert? Sorry you can't be here, I'll eat it for you. LOL
Tygozshura 1 year ago
A worm will twitch when stimulated, but there isn't enough neural processing to call it pain. At 20 weeks, nerves exist but cortical myelination just isn't there to process the signals.
Kazitaur 1 year ago
"Some men see things as the are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask, why not?" -Robert F. Kennedy
Nizragore 1 year ago
Lol! I was too nervous to feel hungry.
Yozshumi 1 year ago
The math is very easy, but the assumption is the foundation for the estimate.
Gardashakar 1 year ago
That, and I don't even know what else I'd do at this point.
Dasida 1 year ago
i worked at a venue, and the sound guy was an aging stoner who would tell me all about the pink floyd concerts and how they pioneer "quad-stereo" sound engineering...
Tojall 1 year ago
as opposed to telling us? or showing us for ourselves?
Tygojinn 1 year ago
that' s just it, It appears when it wants to... :) LOL!!!
Gasar 1 year ago
Never mind, this appears to be over your head.
Gosar 1 year ago
It means Luke was exaggerating to make a point.
Shakanos 1 year ago
I can completely understand why blacks would not want to spend time a " white house....
Shakora 1 year ago
Then you can raise the lid. At least others won't fall in. Common courtesy and all.
Zulushakar 1 year ago
Orientation isn't something one can elect to change.
Akiktilar 1 year ago
have you tasted refried beans made with lard,,vs. beans made with "low fat alternatives?" which is french for" tastless"
Shakarg 1 year ago
Does he share?

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