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Aragul 1 year ago
And it has no link to the evil as it provides no dogma.
JoJotilar 1 year ago
Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. There's a bunch I agree with and a bunch I don't agree with. It's clear you haven't just robotically swallowed what you're feed. You've thought it through deeply.
Grobei 1 year ago
Not saying you did, but ok, fair enough.
Kazrashura 1 year ago
Right?! If the shoes fits dude....
Barg 1 year ago
No it does not. It shows the results and then states there were problems with the studies listed. Do you know what inconclusive means? It ain?t evidence.
Zulkinris 1 year ago
She spent $300 and got a make-up artist, a sitting with a photographer, rental of lights, cameras, and equipment, travel expenses to do a location shoot, proofs, and a price list for additional time and material to process, print, mount, and frame the portraits. It's up to your friend if she wants to by none, one, or ten.
Arashilar 1 year ago
John Lennox says QP isn't a big deal and doesn't give it any value or significance toward physics or religion. I know nothing about it myself and can die quite happily in my ignorance about it.
Gukora 1 year ago
No one can choose to believe. It's not a willful choice. Either you do or you don't. And that belief can change. The "evidence" of believers can never be measurable, non-ambiguous evidence. It's all based on feelings and such. They'll never see the evidence like was done in the bible.
Kazigrel 1 year ago
False. Congress can remove areas of law from the control of the Supreme Court. False.
Zolosho 1 year ago
What we're looking at right now. Sustained,* public, vocal, non-violent action, including and NOT limited to voting.
Shagul 1 year ago
It's not a threat. It can't be. You can tell me a thousand time your big daddy will come and punish me - when I know there is no daddy it's not a threat (or at least it's an empty threat).
Dagrel 1 year ago
All the Christians are "verification" as all are Children of God and thus God's also.
Kagasho 1 year ago
If nobody was moving here to raise a family, housing prices wouldn't be skyrocketing.
Shamuro 1 year ago
I can believe that if I wish.
Sajar 1 year ago
You can, we have one for ours plus it is programmable
Daishakar 1 year ago
I would simply say "based on our current knowledge." But sure, we can go with that.
Bashura 1 year ago
Yup. Arsenokoites... a compound word of "men" "lie down"
Zolokazahn 1 year ago
Interesting, you idea of god is very different that what I had heard before thank you.
Maulmaran 1 year ago
The point is "who are you to argue?" Which is what you just posted. Can you please just follow along?
Fegor 1 year ago
I would add China to that - they consider Christianity, as well as any other foreign religion, a potential source of foreign influence into the country. Hence the state keeps religions on a very tight leash.
Gasida 1 year ago
Thank you. I am just glad he is no longer suffering. He hated being a shell of his former self.
Zulura 1 year ago
Whatever you say Dylan. Fabulous!!!!!
JoJorr 1 year ago
34 South American Bishops resigned last we for a decades long cover-up of child abuse. Evil? Nope just another average week of christian charity.
Mezisida 1 year ago
Only when corroborated by other sources of evidence. Hearsay will not convict someone.
Taushicage 11 months ago
Glad you like it and you're welcome.
Zolohn 11 months ago
?Does conflicting religious experience show that it is not a reliable inidicator of truth??
Zugami 11 months ago
"The Sandy Creek Massacre of the Cheyenne led by Colonel John Milton Chivington and 750 men of his Colorado militia swept upon the sleeping band of the Cheyenne peace chief Black Kettle who flew the white flag and the Old Glory atop his tipi. Chivington ordered to ?Kill and scalp all, nits make lice.? When it was over, 28 Cheyenne warriors and 105 women and children lay dead. Chivington's men gathered grisly trophies of scalps; some stretched the genitals of slain women over their saddle horns or wore them as hat decorations. They cut off the breasts of the women and made tobacco pouches out of them."
Yozshuzragore 11 months ago
I don't get these pardons for dead people.
Tajin 11 months ago
There is only One God, One Word, Steve. You listened too much to your local Rabbi.
Kazrazragore 11 months ago
First 9 out of 10 isn't all.

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