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"How many are playing football during the Anthem ??"

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I did fear what he would do to me, but I was even more afraid that I might like it. He watched Harry as he made Ginny come apart with his tongue, then coax her back together, so he could do it all again.

Ex bitch Twerk on my BBC

im Cumming. " "Yeah I'll fuck you alright, you like this. She felt the coldness of the knife being slid over her plump tummy and was terrified, shaking and unable to say anything other than to murmur gently in fear.

As Imraan started to enter his huge penis inside Pamela's ass hole I could feel her body twitch and shake. He pulled her head back up urgently as he felt the heat build, thrusting into her mouth just in time.

Holw let the heat build slowly, her tight sphincter spasming around his hard flesh as it constricted, driving the heat slowly from the base of his cock up into his shaft.

Pam moaned with a sigh of discomfort "uuhhhhh" which was followed by "deeper. I love being held in his arms or my head on his stomach looking up at him.

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Gozilkree 1 year ago
Saddam Hussein was religious. Religion has little to nothing to do with being a dictator.
Fenritaur 1 year ago
Yes, in the legal sense. And Christians have to follow the same laws that everyone else does. It's the law not to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation.
Malall 1 year ago
You Made the claim of god, so you must prove that claim
Duktilar 1 year ago
I have never boarded any pets. I always find friends or family to watch over them. I just can't trust them, but that's just me. I'm overly protective like that with things I hold dearly to my heart.
Monris 1 year ago
I was always afraid of 'coming out of the (atheist) closet'
Fauhn 1 year ago
Whoa... that's... kinda a great idea.
Kitaxe 1 year ago
My problem is actually that my company doesn?t have enough vacation time
Arashilmaran 1 year ago
So charge them with fraud.
Aranris 1 year ago
If people are so worried about a tyrannical government, why do they keep voting for the people who are tyrannical then? Also, I'm pretty sure I know who will come out on top when it is tanks and drones vs. untrained civilians with some AR-15's and pistols.
Talar 11 months ago
My auto wipe broke I had to touch the toilet paper...
Zolorg 11 months ago
That?s why it?s called resurrection.
Kigak 11 months ago
This is a dreadful performance by Lebron and the Cavs. No energy, no hustle, no fight. We all knew they were going to lose, but to lose in this manner? SMH
Nikotaur 11 months ago
I thank God that you are incorrect! And, it doesn't just seem that way -- you definitely are.
Tarn 10 months ago
That's true lol
Kajigar 10 months ago
That's a nookyuler gun
Samuro 10 months ago
studies and stats show we live in a much, much better world today than ever before
Kabar 10 months ago
I tried it, didnt work
Talkis 10 months ago
Sure I do, evidence can be viewed in many different ways, yours is not the only way to view the evidence.
Mazugami 10 months ago
If you don't know this happened, you aren't worth the time. You are a leftist who is not paying attention or getting your propaganda from "approved" sources.
Yozshurr 9 months ago
I have no idea why you posted that link.
Munos 9 months ago
Which verses do you have in mind?
Tugor 9 months ago
When they aren't fighting actual fascists it bothers me. When they show up and disrupt paid for events,it bothers me.
Zut 9 months ago
That?s all you got? My statement wasn?t about doctrine...try to keep up.
Doubar 9 months ago
Oh my God, I literally explained that my words were an exaggeration meant to convey how fundamentalist liberals were about protecting Muslims so that liberals wouldn't get triggered, and you still get triggered. The "Harper days" were absolutely fine and Canada was doing well. Now, Trudeau is doing a fantastic job at screwing everything up. He's a teenage girl. Please don't get me started about that.
Gakinos 8 months ago
Actually I'm questioning the "design" of the entirety of evolution and the material universe in general. Ironically many religions already provide the answer to the dilemma. In the case of Christianity, heaven is claimed as the "perfect" state of existence. If that's the case, why bother with all of this material, mortal nonsense and just leave it at that?
Mezigar 8 months ago
Not only false, but disgustingly false.
Gut 8 months ago
I hope so, but they hadn't dated long.
Gogami 8 months ago
Or in other words...
Togami 8 months ago
I agree, there are going to always be some things not left done. But for me, its weighing what I haven't done vs quality of life. If my quality of life isn't sufficient enough make finishing what I have left, then I don't think I'd have a problem dying. And of course if my quality of life got bad enough, I'd have no problem ending my life early.
Zugami 7 months ago
Everyone can be themselves in uniform. Putting on a uniform doesn?t change who a person is fundamentally.
Zulujin 7 months ago
Exactly. These are the no win situations I try to avoid. They make me nervous and I walk away.
Galkree 7 months ago
It was a horrific thing that was done. No doubt about it.
Daira 7 months ago
What's wrong with it? Tell me where gradualism is continuing. Its not only creationists pointing this out but your own evolutionary biologists and theorists.
Ararisar 7 months ago
Yesterday a Black, left wing campaign worker was arrested for making threats against a Florida Republican congressman. ........
Zusida 7 months ago
Not much worse than some other promises in the ndp manifesto, I just tried reading it but gave up in dismay. The whole thing reeks of money leaving my wallet.

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