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"So only 17 then? I'll cope lolol"

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My PE teacher lapping at my pussy was remarkable enough, but this other thing was something else entirely. I couldn't imagine how it must have felt when the dog's knot slipped into her and his cum flooding ojght intestines.

Sometimes I would still be wearing school uniform, sometimes normal clothes, but either way, nobody would be able to tell from my mode of dress that anything was out of the ordinary. Cum was on her back, the back of her thighs, in her asshole, and all over her ass in general.

"Yeah, its okay. " As I'm pulling his dick out, he pulls his pants down and off. "The LORD cares not for resilient youth, or for harlots. Normally when I have sex it takes about three or four strokes for me to get all the way in, not this time.

We got home and we all were giggling away and Pam was thanking us for a great night. When you reached the door, you turned around and whispered, You owe me'.

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Vudolar 1 year ago
Good that all went well.
JoJolar 1 year ago
As you asked me to correct you if you were wrong about what I wanted to say, I will do so.
Faekazahn 1 year ago
At my home.
Zoloramar 1 year ago
You don't seem to realize that often your comments come across as Gish Gallop-style rambles. Do you even read them? You might benefit from taking a step back and absorb how you interact in a debate, and perhaps you'll understand why I won't be responding to you any further.
Kagagor 1 year ago
Galerius has a bad rap thanks to Constantine and Lactantius. He actually tried to steer his own government away from persecuting Christians, but was rewritten as a persecutor by Constantine to justify seizing power from him.
Fausar 1 year ago
The sentence for murder is lite. He killed their unborn child which the mother
Gardagami 1 year ago
Goddammit. So young.
Teshakar 1 year ago
I have only one question - Why can't we wait for SCOTUS decision?
Mauktilar 1 year ago
No, though you apparently have a need for a god, the idea that everyone does is just silly projection.
Gardacage 1 year ago
You do it, I do it, we all do it.... just keep it to yourself... and for the love of the whatever thing in the sky you worship, don't let anyone record you letting it slip out... and if you have a Twitter account, that's just Russian roulette right there.
Durisar 1 year ago
The problem, of course, is that you haven't supplied any substantive arguments, just bloviated aspersions. You see my predicament, I'm certain.
Dasar 1 year ago
Stating simple and complete nonsense. I don't believe even YOU believe that pile of garbage you spouted. You were probably smirking while typing it.
Goltikasa 1 year ago
awww I loved this
Feshakar 1 year ago
I do want a discussion. I presented my view, cogently and succinctly.
Mocage 1 year ago
We normally don't look at ourselves as being like wild animal although there are those that do act that way. I am talking about the realm of being human.
Mezikora 1 year ago
Ahh back to your good 'ole copy/pastes. That's how you know you're a little triggered snowflake.

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