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"It takes education. Which you have rejected. Yes, the Bible has many different types of literary devices, including figures of speech, like homonyms, synonyms, anthropomorphisms, parallelism, hyperbole, and historical narrative as well."

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At one point, they had me; a tall and beautiful, although not very busty, blonde. I'm gonna fuck it good" His cock was so huge at this point the veins were popping out all over .

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Soon her nails were racking my back and her legs wrapped around the back of mine. "Are you sure?" She said, looking at me with a smile. I was so engrossed with the book,that I did,nt hear the van door open, Bill shouted what do you think your doing, Oooo Im sorry, I was early and came in.

I stopped thrusting, and remained where I was, with the fake prick buried deep inside Mistress, and then I kissed her again. I couldn't believe it; I was fingering and receiving a hand job from a 13 year old girl. He started to feel stroke my hair and face,quickly moving down my chest to my belly button, in the meantime Rogers head was now in a clamped type position,and Daves cock was firmly inside his throat,making him gag.

This was just a quick story I thought up. She was holding onto the table edges, her face an unreadable mask as he pounded into her, her ass thrust up into the air for him.

Come on, it's almost time for the guys to show up. I sat down on the floor, exhausted by your Master-like skills. The camera was fuzzy, a little, and the woman's face was buried in the man's lap, and the man was turned away from her, but she could clearly see the bobbing of the woman's head up and down in the man's lap.

Now he would always think of her as stupid and creepy and weird and. Well this looks nice ,he said to his friend, yes ripe for fucking, now thats a new word to me, I wonder what it means I thought to myself, I was soon to find out.

"Love em big and busty and she is just that!" Gaby suddenly felt a tear roll down her cheek as the knife was place at the open neck of her uniform shirt and slashed down.

Only right near the end, he would break off and groan ecstatically, "Yes, oh, little Rachel.

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Zumuro 7 months ago
No, I expect you to cherry-pick a single verse as the entire context and idea.
Dajinn 6 months ago
1) deity does not exist
Tojind 6 months ago
Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? What do you actually KNOW about any God? There are hundreds of them in mythology and other religions. So how do you discern yours from all the others?
Nazilkree 6 months ago
Johan are you a born again Jew of Jesus ?......if so you don't sound like the norm I have encountered. What congregation are you with ? I call him YESHUA but I don't see him like you or how the others do. Truth is personal or fact ? ?? ??
Salkree 6 months ago
Interesting, despite the campaign promises to investigate her and lock her up, every credible legal mind has advised that she would never be convicted of what you allege. If it were that obvious, a conviction would be easy. Trump, like you, requires fantasy.
Kajihn 6 months ago
That's not correct.
Grokora 5 months ago
Yes, yes. And yes.
Zulkitaur 5 months ago
I think the Church's silence stems from avoiding current commentary on its former abuses in running labor camps for pregnant unwed women and then selling the babies to adoptive parents in the USA. Plus, the Church is in general, evolving into a less authoritarian establishment world wide. It's long-term implications are strategic- to be less authoritarian in order to maintain relevance and maintain members in the 21st century.
Dairg 5 months ago
Glad everyone is OK and the neighbor called it in.
Arakasa 5 months ago
Took some Sudafed. No side effects.
Vijind 5 months ago
Care to explain how you determined it was the Lord you found and not Satan, Zeus or Ninkasi?
Kigakasa 5 months ago
Irony and sarcasm is lost here. You meant: Bush was handed a functioning economy, turned the US from the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor nation in a couple of years, started wars that have never ended, and ended up crashing the economy. That "fix"??
Zuran 5 months ago
Religion is the main aspect of objection to the delivery service and catering that is a participation in celebrating a SSM at a reception.

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