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"It is choosing to save five instead of one."


One last giant jolt shot thru my body, as my cock erupted in squjrt mouth like Old Faithful. A few more minutes of some very heavy petting and I guess I was so wrapped up in the whole thing I didn't even notice that she already had my pants unbuttoned and halfway down until she reached inside my boxers and pulled out my hard cock.


"Will you play your part as well as that, again?" "Of course, Mistress, whatever you command. I sat down and finished a mystery drink of Jack and who knows what else. I felt that I could use this to my advantage. She actually cried with the pain and I froze. " Damn, I thought, busted.

I bent down and kissed her shoulder and then each tit then the nipples. "Ooh, I think I just felt a little tingly" she said. My mug of milk had been long gone drained of its contents, and cookie crumbs had been showered over the table I sat at. He pulled her upright from the table and Milcs her around.

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Tozuru 1 year ago
Let's just say - remarkably similar.
Mura 1 year ago
just like dogs that fear children,, you will likely always have this issue. and you will probably always have people who have big dogs who will not understand.. its not going away. i had a huge shepard mix that loved to play with small dogs. when they were afraid, he wold actually get down on all 4s and reassure them .very gentle and loving. and patient. i always tried to keep him away from frightful little dogs. but its often the owners apprehension that can increase the problem. [not saying thats you, though] but when they freak out, the dog mimics that fear.
Gardam 1 year ago
I didn't hear Waters "threaten" any administrations officials beyond advocating confronting them over their anti-Americanism.
Zulumi 1 year ago
Unfortunately, first off you are intrinsically arguing based on a fallacy, using an absolute "all" that's inherently impossible to be true.
Gagami 11 months ago
And yet Satan didn't actually do any of that.
Vojar 11 months ago
OK. Apparently you know more about than people who are actually doing it. So what's your suggestion?
Jurr 11 months ago
I mean, we all get that way if we don't have our coffee before 9.
Mabar 11 months ago
They fight each other to the death
Mikalkis 11 months ago
What about St. Francis of Assisi hearing God?s voice? What about George Fox, the founder of the Quaker Friends? What about the inordinate role Quaker Friends have played in the History of Social Movements, beginning with the anti-slavery movement in the UK and the US, and the 1950s Nuclear protest boats that inspired Greenpeace and one of its Quaker founders?
Zulkira 11 months ago
Plums is the perfect opener...
Zulucage 11 months ago
I have no argument? You were the one that was initially misleading in regards to your comparison to Biden. I would have agreed that the partisan bickering is the real issue had that been your point. But you came into the discussion asking "Ah but who is the biggest hypocrite?" and then presented Biden's case. Well, HIS case wasn't an example of someone being a bigger hypocrite. You failed in your argument in that regard and you know it.
Zulur 10 months ago
Why did I talk about the ADA, etc.?
Kigasho 10 months ago
Extremely eloquent and I agree
Kekree 10 months ago
The text above the photo has issues, but it in no way advances the idea that Darwin claimed, ?because evolution, no God.?
JoJozragore 10 months ago
If his music can be still by found by those looking for it, it's not censorship. They're just not promoting him, at all. Unless there's some agreement made about that, I don't see any violation.
Mauzilkree 10 months ago
Please explain what I've said that is "dishonest"??
Mezijas 9 months ago
Made in the USA = Buwahahahahahahha!!
Kagadal 9 months ago
Does it exist? To some extent but it isn't all that common.
Meztinos 9 months ago
Good point? Really? Absolutely no proof mind you, but a really good made up point. I bet these cops were all on meth as well. You know those long hours must require something to keep them awake. Hell I bet half were on PCP just for the thrill of it. /s
Shakataur 9 months ago
Wow, getting some great answers here. I wish I'd have put out the OP. :)
Kami 9 months ago
Good point. The Bible was written by man.
Barn 9 months ago
Is he the one who keeps posting threads here? I deleted one then he posted another. I'm not amused.
Tataxe 8 months ago
I ask again what study out there has found and stated that God isn't necessary. We do know how many things work. But we have no evidence if God is needed or not. I think you are asking science for more than it has or for more than it can do.
Volkis 8 months ago
But... what if we wanted a PC government but think Doug Ford is a tool? Where does that leave us? There?s quite a few of us, you know.
Dibei 8 months ago
Actually have had it happen myself and I known plenty of couples that got together that way. But it's the fact that it's the exception that's key. Most hookups will lead nowhere and that's with 100% certainty if someone breaks the one rule of hookups and starts trying to pressure a relationship just because y'all had casual sex. Then they start seeing themselves as 'prey' when they're the ones who lied about being okay with casual.
Shaktidal 8 months ago
You can't know that, you can't even begin to say that. You have no idea who the man complaining was. You are assuming this is true in order to make your argument work.
Fezragore 8 months ago
Quote the verse
Malalkis 7 months ago
I thought that was just "weather." At least that was the line when April was so cold.
Akitaxe 7 months ago
I think you could not recognize The Truth if you stumbled on Him.

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