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"Absolutely I agree with you. But, don't you think both sides come to disqus to have these arguments?"

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Usually, I would open the uungry door so that he could run around for a while before we retired to bed. Would you like to get out a beating?" Tiffany replied, "Yes.

I was flat on the cold, linoleum floor. "Oh, my God. I really dig this chick and wanted to make a go of a great life with her. He stood out like a sore thumb, so he tried to save himself from the awkwardness by staring at the texts of the menu.

When I hubgry I woke her with my entry. fuck. Hermione had begun to move over Ron, leaning forward so that her nipples taunted his lips each time she rose up to slide his cock hubgry out of her, then again as she slammed herself back down it's length so that the tip rubbed across just the right spot inside her to make her ache for more.

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Kigajar 1 year ago
Nothing Jesus is said to have said can be prophecy as all the accounts are written after his death. Here he prophecies that Judas will betray him but the account is written at least 70 years later. How can this be prophecy?
Tujas 1 year ago
They did evolve, but eventually split into several different factions, each with a different belief system that they clung to so tightly that they eventually killed each other off completely. Because they were idiots.
Didal 1 year ago
People purchase insurance to protect themselves from a FUTURE loss. Obamacare mandated that people with pre-existing conditions have to be insured. You CANNOT get a car insurance policy AFTER you total your car, you cannot get a homeowners policy AFTER your house burns down.
Maugor 1 year ago
Sounds like a partial victory at best, but a partial victory is better than a defeat.
Fauramar 1 year ago
Or hairdressers: "I'll send you mine if you send me yours" type of "Deal"!
Mezimuro 1 year ago
Yep agreed they all tell it to Howard
Meztilmaran 1 year ago
Again calling everyone a racist. Weak.
Dorisar 1 year ago
I never once said nor advocated for the "ultimate goal." I'm a pawn of nothing. I don't want mentally disturbed people to gain access to guns. Mentally disturbed people shoot up innocent people. I thought you cons were "pro-life," yet you advocated for anyone and everyone to have guns with little to no restrictions. Only competent people should be allowed to have guns if they so choose to (and provided they properly train and store them away in locked safes afterwards).
Malalar 1 year ago
Good morning ca.....
Faunris 1 year ago
They are a minority. So they are the fundamentalists that anti-theists put forth as representative.
Dumuro 1 year ago
So wait a minute religious moderators. YOU allow NoRaceNoRacism-byANYONE to call women sluts, and I cannot quote him when I stand up to his neanderthal, misogynist crap? Interesting.
Tausar 1 year ago
com on drdos, what you say isn't true. God when will you people just see the truth about Donald trump and the republicans party not all of them are bad, but the majority who has clout are corrupt. President Obama did his nob he was hired to do. He sort out intel and relied on his reports to make crucial decisions. He did not take it lightly when he had to send our men and women in the field, someone's mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, nephew, niece, grandmother. It did not give him pleasure to know his decision to strike could and did harm women and children. This is why he preferred to have table meetings with the countries when he himself "not his staff" went to speak to the leaders of the world. So he could get a sense of what he was dealing with and exactly what they wanted all of this was to KEEP YOU SAFE to keep us from where this country is NOW. You don't have give him credit. The world gives him credit. unlike trump they do not RESPECT..
Fenrizahn 1 year ago
Why don't you leave the failed ideologies of the 1960's brhind. Socialism and Communism'd failure is manifest, yet you still pursue
Dataxe 1 year ago
Make it so!
JoJozuru 1 year ago
It isn't my fault that you are kissed off being told that God plays favorites.
Faukree 1 year ago
That's why i found mentioning it necessary : to bring the philosophising out of the completely theoretical.
Moogulabar 1 year ago
"He sold a wedding cake for a dog wedding. That is a sinful thing."
Grotaur 1 year ago
Yay! Me neither.
Juzragore 1 year ago
Why? That has nothing to do with intelligence, patriotism or common sense. Sotomayor is proof of that.
Kazimuro 1 year ago
Did you actually vote for Hillary? Or do you hedge your stupidity by crying over Commie Bernie?
Yozshugul 1 year ago
I hate the dark as well but I'm more of a Claustrophobic. I panic in elevators if it takes too long.
Kazrat 1 year ago
Nazareth existed as early as the first century BCE, as evidenced by the coins and pottery found at the site that date to that time. If it didn't exist until the third century, archaeologists also wouldn't have found a house, a farm, a watchtower and tombs that date to the first century as well - and yet they did.
Moogujar 1 year ago
LOL sure he did.
Morg 1 year ago
I know, I was hanging on every spouse
Kekazahn 1 year ago
I asked where it specifically tells you to speak God's will.
Dorisar 1 year ago
Care to explain how "Rather, experiential, physiological, and behavioural MEASURES ARE ALL RELEVANT TO UNDERSTANDING EMOTION and cannot be assumed to be interchangeable." [emphasis added} backs up "Emotions exist, and though we can often observe the results, there is no metric for the actual thing?"
Moogull 1 year ago
I had a coupon about a year ago to get ?10 off, and the girl took *an age* (literally about 10 minutes) to take ?10 off the total. I was like "so it's...";
Shaktim 1 year ago
As it is belief without evidence, faith in this sense is no more than a valuless amalgamation of stupidity, ignorance and gullibility.y
Gohn 1 year ago
like your opinion matters? You sat here and said you don?t have to be religious to be a Jew- Annette said she speaking about her ethnicity and you stated ? I know- ?
Fenrijas 11 months ago
She?s my friend and you are being a dick... it?s not necessary
Zulkijinn 11 months ago
Men have a relative monopoly on crime in general just because of our aggressive and risk-taking traits.
Kazijind 11 months ago
Yeah but you love that "Mad Human Disease".
Kelrajas 11 months ago
Ron would have stuffed Durant big time.

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