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"I remember my bedroom window being open, it being really hot but 'different' hot than these days and the outside being bluer and greener than I ever see it these days. Taking ages to choose vhs', walking into town to the library because there was nothing else to do, not even a mall. Kicking a ball against the side of the house. MTV playing music."

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When she woke up I put my arm over my hard-on to hide spreacs and said that I was so hot I was going to sit in the little pool to cool down which quickly took me back to normal. We all had a long day of marching we our dictator of a director finally gave up sprrads water break. She really was just a girl, her hips small and tight, whereas he was large and athletic.

" he trailed off.

His light brown hair was cut and trimmed to perfection; short and prepped. The bus entered under the trees and seemed to weave its way down into a valley. I braced myself on the shower door handle as my knees went weak.

"Of course you would. She groaned and gasped for air as she continued her experience. " Next, still smiling and now staring into my eyes, he grabbed my hard-on and started stroking it, pointing it upwards, after which he moved his face towards my groin and started to lick my balls.

Yes. "Are you okay this morning" I finally asked her. The next day Desiree and Jeremy came over for sort of a double date.

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Arashisar 10 months ago
Read your own post for God's sake.....
Mikasar 10 months ago
well Canada consisted of Upper and Lower Canada and the rest was pretty much Rupert's Land (Hudson's Bay Co.). it was under British control. Canada was not 'officially' a country until 1867.
Nazshura 10 months ago
Then the pulpits of America are not proclaiming the truth. That is hardly surprising. The scourge of Liberalism has so deeply infected America with relativism, that people don't know what to believe anymore.
Faukree 10 months ago
uh Sir, catholicism =/= Christianity.
Akile 10 months ago
I think it is more a form of value ethics. Utilitarian, even rule utilitarian, would pull the lever. Either because they lack rule 3 or because they define the killing of the one not as murder.
Voran 10 months ago
I'm in the river valley. Maybe 35 miles from Petite Jean, 75 to Buffalo river.
Feshicage 10 months ago
What's it like to filter sexual assault through the lens of a superficial social construct that played a major role in creating this very scenario and also you know -- made your very lifestyle possible?
Fenririsar 9 months ago
Your way DOES NOT WORK as evidenced by the shithole of a society we have. If your punishment model worked we would be aces here
Zululkis 9 months ago
Well good for you.
Karg 9 months ago
Refusing to drink a soda because I couldnt find my deadpool straw
Moogurisar 9 months ago
Sciencophobia? Lmao Wow.
Karan 9 months ago
You're on your own Mr. French. You bought it, you own it.

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