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"Alrighty then we shall leave it at that."

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I really thought he would pull back, turn me around, stand up and kiss my mouth instead, or something. Suddenly, she straightened up and walked to the foot of the table, and stood between his legs.

He entered his tongue into her pussy, and she gasped loudly. The look of sweet exhaustion when I left him on the floor of the cooler. I want to serve you properly, I want to be yours forever. John looked down at the floor. I lift up and scoot under his leg.

Diamond let me cum. As he felt her wetness he began to thrust, harder and faster like a piston in a well oiled machine - her moans were turning into shorter high pitched screams as he fucked her with everything he had.

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Momi 1 year ago
Why would you want to hide them? Paint them red and make them a fashion statement!
Majas 1 year ago
Which GOP wants "Religion infused government for sensible solutions, in the 21st century " RUBE??......
Mujinn 1 year ago
I understand a lot of us have had battled in the past but we're all over it. I don't understand what his mission is. That thread you started on Trudeau was fine so I recommended it, he makes a big deal of it.... fack, what to do?
Vidal 1 year ago
Wynne is gone. Great.
Kara 1 year ago
Lol @ eating crackers in bed. Deal breaker??????
Misho 1 year ago
Agreed, as long as advocacy is avoided.
Gronris 1 year ago
lets take a look at rick james,, and how popular his music is and was. there is a weird relationship with sex oriented music, and the women and men who make it,, and the fans.
Zulutaur 1 year ago
So your answer is my questions are irrelevant? Are you implying that you don't have an answer? Please, don't leave us guessing! Why did man deem them to be harmful? If that is too hard of a question, here is one that may be easier - how do you know that morality came from humans interacting with humans?
Tozil 1 year ago
No, atheism doesn't deny an objective measure of morality.
Voodook 1 year ago
So what?s your point? It?s credible research. I fact checked it myself. In fact if you go back to main page, you can find a PowerPoint on the ?Existence of the soul? which provides 6 PEER-REVIEWED studies in that presentation. It?s all legit science and mainstream science actually. It just consolidates all of the studies into easy to read and learn reviews of the actual studies. However, I encourage you to pick apart any study referenced in the slides and fact check any of them yourselves. The dude didn?t name the site CREDIBLE Catholic for nothin?. Don?t be a biggot against Catholics...
Mamuro 1 year ago
What's anti-American about being a socialist?
Malacage 1 year ago
I've been suckered into the IDW. To me, it's a wonderful thing to see a diverse collection of people across the world exchanging different views, while at the same time, coming to some very similar objective conclusions. I can't get enough of it. Since I've started watching some of the presentations, debates and speeches by IDW personalities, I've found many of my own views challenged, improved, sharpened and my ability to debate and articulate them have improved as well. It's opened up alot of doors literature wise to me as well- I've found myself reading a book a week lately after years of barely reading at all despite having a wall of books in my house.
Gokus 1 year ago
Your verbosity proves nothing. All religions are nothing more than a collection of fairy tales.
Vudotaxe 1 year ago
We understand exactly what the mean. Other (((parties))) like to blur things.

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