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"If you do not like it take it up with Jesus. They are his words"

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This was really happening. Pamela was now biting her lips, letting out moans "uh, uh, boog, mmm yeah" and Imraan was smacking her ass which was followed by a cry from Pam asking for more.

He pulls it out and lays it across my cheek, the opening aimed at my lips. Suddenly, he withdrew, pulled his condom off, and came on my back. Hermione mumbled something unintelligible as Harry and Ginny began to swirl their tongues together around her mound of neglected chocolate-coated flesh, and Ron looked up from her nipple, a chocolate breast-print pressed onto his cheek.

It lasted only for a few seconds and when we broke she said, "I think you'll like my new room. The shivers jolted thru the head of my cock, as you pressed it deeper into my anus.

Sam was having trouble with my penis. From where Danny stood, he could see that the girl was a real eye candy.

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Akinoshicage 1 year ago
What about Matt? Does he get no love?!
Nikosho 1 year ago
"IF you have verified evidence for the proposition THEN no faith is required."
Nikoramar 1 year ago
Whatever. We get tired of the silly threat. But carry on
Zulkidal 1 year ago
There is no reason for anyone to believe the bible is true.
Kagar 1 year ago
You are correct. It was a completely mistaken premise that
Shahn 1 year ago
So? That's not condoning slavery...learn your definitions. Go ahead and grab it...
Mikagor 1 year ago
"Yeah, your whole point was to say look they don't respect the flag"
Vitaxe 1 year ago
I am the entity that is currently perceiving. My perception is completely internal and I cannot prove or disprove its existence to others.
Kagazshura 1 year ago
I'd actually like to see that.
Kigabar 1 year ago
They do know it relates to this commandment.
Mazuzilkree 1 year ago
It's a weird OP and no one is compelled to participate. Sometimes, I do engage on topics like this to see where it will go and sometimes, just for the entertainment of it ;-)
Melabar 1 year ago
My apologies. My argument still stands: your first two points still denote inappropriateness everywhere in my opinion. Do I think that makes him an actual rapist? No. But he is exuding the tendencies where it makes him a probable candidate. He fits the ?criminal profile? of a rapist imo.
Zologar 1 year ago
Cops have a few good ones, too. I?ve heard several that include everything from wetsuits with cut-outs, glass coffee tables, trained birds, and bicycle chains strategically attached to yank under pressure.
Daizahn 1 year ago
Sure, sure, sure. You will just keep digging your grave and burying yourself in your attempts to twist the words of John Adams to verify your cognitive dissonance.
Gashicage 1 year ago
The concept is not, but the label is...
Taukree 1 year ago
So does McCabe rat on Comey to save his own ass or does the DOJ have enough overwhelming evidence on both of them where they don't need him to cooperate ?
Kigacage 1 year ago
You might be a little naive about the nature of the human heart. Humans have done horrific things in history and even populations have gotten comfortable with those things. I ceased to see the relevance of what my children or grandchildren might accept.
Mezshura 1 year ago
Can?t deny that
Faektilar 1 year ago
That's the same UN that supports hamas terrorists.
Najinn 1 year ago
Lol because it wasn't the charcoal.. What she really meant was:
Mikakree 1 year ago
It wasn't known as the greatest sermon of all time, back then.
Yozshum 1 year ago
Apparently they also destroyed the ability of local governments to raise their own taxes, which had been so key in sustaining a broad network of Roman cities. It would be like the American government rolling back the taxation authority of states, or declaring federal taxes get calculated first... and then wondering why local infrastructure and policing collapsed.
Voodoorr 1 year ago
Turdeau,should triple the land taxes for Americans owning property in Canada,and make hunting and fishing licenses go up as well,or even better don't allow them to fish or hunt in Canada period. Also any American businesses in Canada should get a hefty business tax to do business in Canada. The list is endless to get Trumps attention,also cut off the power to NewYork,and charge a extra tax on our natural gas that crosses lk.Superior to Michigan....But why wait until July,,put them on right away.
Dutilar 1 year ago
Mostly Church hymns
Vozuru 1 year ago
Note the adjective "Christian" on all five of your entries. Talk about circular reasoning.
Mahn 1 year ago
"There is a very high probability that the US has had an atheist president, who could never admit it and be elected."

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