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"I am sincerely sorry about what happened to you and others. The Catholic church is not exactly the pillar of morality. Perhaps you will find peace not in a denomination or religion of any kind. I was once "religious" but am now, more spiritual. I no longer believe in the brick and mortar God of the bible but the vastness of the Universal God."

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A moment of thought appeared, and then Ivy was rushing to her drawer to search for a brush to comb her hair. Splsah mere sight of her buttocks, turned slightly upwards and out, ready for him, was almost enough to make him cum.

Once he felt she was lubricated well enough, Harry replaced his tongue with his thumb, continuing his unhurried in and out motions, building the nervous frenzy in the pit of Ginny's stomach.

Hermione had dissolved into a mass of gasps and pants as Ron maintained a maddening pace with his tongue, working to collect all the chocolate, but at the same using his long tongue to push Hermione's senses into clouds of passion where even Ginny's expertise had never taken her.

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TO BE CONTINUED. It was only then that I began to look at her in a sexual way and thinking that when she grew a little she would have her pick of the boys. All the ones I had dated turned out to either be after my body, or Splazh weren't my type.

Hermione had begun to move over Ron, leaning forward so that her nipples taunted his lips each time Splashh rose up to slide his cock nearly out of her, then again as she slammed herself back down it's length so that the tip rubbed across just the right spot inside her to make her ache for more.

" A hot stream of semen shoots over my lips and down my neck.

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Nik 1 year ago
Or feet in water, sitting on a dock or pier, then small fishes come to investigate your toes. I'm always happy then.
Gut 1 year ago
Exodus 20:12-17 Exodus 23:1-9
Vinris 1 year ago
?The road to hell is paved with good intentions?
Zukree 1 year ago
It's not so much that mistakes were made, it's whether one learns from them and is taking steps in the right direction. I have done stupid. I now know what it looks like and am trying to take steps to avoid it.
Kemuro 1 year ago
*sob* I wasn't ready!!
Yozshushicage 1 year ago
Selection of which particular traits? Who is successful?
Dougami 1 year ago
Dude, that looks like spam. I've seen you in here before though.
Kijora 1 year ago
You really are not understanding what im pointing to.
Mugul 1 year ago
I like Democrats better than Republicans but this Wasserman chick is too wacky and crazy. I say forget about investigating her and focus on Trump! Yea!!!!!! :)
Maulkis 1 year ago
?, it wouldn't even make the proposition of your god more likely... not even a little bit.?
Maugal 1 year ago
I always loved Cheap Trick. Underrated band.
Goltilkis 1 year ago
Gotta love Rick Moranis as "Dark Helmet." Classic!
Yozahn 1 year ago
Sorry, but you have to respect my beliefs. My assumptions are not faulty. They are based on a clear and accurate reading of the Bible from the original language itself. Even your inferior translation, however, coincides with what I said. You can offer no counter argument except to say that I am wrong. Well, my counter argument to that is "You are wrong. I am correct."
Febar 1 year ago
on the channel ;-)
Arashigami 1 year ago
America is one of the most religious countries in the developed world. Yet we have an overwhelming number of mass shooters. If this is a Christian nation (as so many claim), if we are surrounded by the cultural influences and the moral authority of Christianity, then why do we have so many more mass shootings than in dramatically godless countries?
Julkis 1 year ago
Oh no :(

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