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"It?s like your talking to a bot"

Old Goes Young - Car mechanic proves he is talented at many things

We discussed Freud, Jung and Nabokov in terms of the psychiatric underpinnings, and also the philosophical implications. Standing before him was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen.

Old Goes Young - Car mechanic proves he is talented at many things

Mistress smiled up at me and replied "I hadn't realized that fucking could be so painful, Princess. and then I saw her juice splash past Imraan's fingers that were massaging her clit and they splashed on Pamela's thighs and ass cheeks. That being my third time for the day meant that I onei, in no hurry, that I would last a great deal longer, and that it would be the first time in quite a number of years that I had done it three times in one day.

I am tingling. Let me get Hannah up as you pzntyhoses down to wake up the guys. "Aww that's so sweet" she said before she got up Linsa we both realized her nighty got ripped.

He eased up, holding motionless in her, and luxuriated as she worked her magic, sucking and tonguing him with abandon. " Mistress smiled at me, and then reached down to my face with her left hand. "Oh John you have really nice hands and you give such a nice massage.

Cole started to get up and help Lacey up too, pantyhoes as they were about to leave the conference room to go get washed up they heard a knock at the other door. So tight and he is large.

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Kisho 1 year ago
Now you are just being disingenuous.
Kajind 1 year ago
Yea, and it is way more fun reading it, like a treasure hunt, once it is viewed as intended metaphor. IMHO. Its important for folks to know that nothing in there is supernatural, because real supernatural stuff does not exist, now or 4K or so years ago.
Faejinn 1 year ago
OMG, i want that dream instead.
Salkree 1 year ago
Yes, I do tend to cling to facts and direct quotes.
Daikinos 1 year ago
So, I'm sure you have the documentation. Care to share it?
Mooguzilkree 1 year ago
Thank you for the kind words. And, i know you?re right. It truly was the best decision for me. And, I say that in spite of admitting the scar it left on my psyche. You?re also right about needing more women to reveal their own experiences.
Akinorn 1 year ago
The DOJ and the FBI were apparently weaponized by the Obama administration.
Mooguzilkree 1 year ago
It is easier as you get older. Then you don?t want the ones you can get, and you can?t get the ones you want.
Faezahn 1 year ago
There are two kinds of people in this world, those destined for Heaven and those destined for Hell. Atheist (moral set aside) are not a whole lot different than most Christians. The major difference is in destination. We are saved by the belief of Jesus sacrifice on the cross covers our sins. Others on earth share many other faiths and beliefs. Some morally good some morally bad. Mormons are a good example of people dedicated to living a good moral life so the day may come that they can become God over their own world. They earn becoming God by their own righteousness. The bad part is that they break God first and most important commandment. We are to have no other God before us. Then there are other people that run the gamut of being very very evil. Atheism for some can be very evil. Google "democide" and you will see what I mean.
Brarisar 1 year ago
Sorry to hear.
Tygobar 1 year ago
Oh I have a kettle for tea. i make my tea with the actual leaves in there in big batches. And chai I only drink as a latte and I?ve a capresso frother for that.
Madal 1 year ago
My attempt: Stupid people deserve to continue breathing! I cant believe i said that with a straight face!
Voll 1 year ago
Poor little guy.
Malajas 1 year ago
So - are you trying to say something like Ebola is perpetuated by man? Interesting...
Mezikazahn 1 year ago
Strawman. Creation never claims to be science. It is, however truth.
Kazilmaran 1 year ago
Nah. I'm great where I'm at. No worries.
JoJokasa 1 year ago
Just to make it real. A 2 cell fetus contains the pattern of the adult all coded conveniently into its chemical, atomic, and energy bindings within the cell so yes, it is indeed a human.
Meztijinn 1 year ago
I understand that I , the writer of this OP, have some moderation abilities, but as I stated to joel earlier, he should check with Disqus.
Kajisida 1 year ago
I thought lizard was his option two.
Meztikinos 1 year ago
LMAO this may the worst argument I've ever seen.
Tegore 1 year ago
Can't you just take my word for it? Also, try the tuna melt.
Mezilabar 11 months ago
It happens in person or it doesn't happen at all
Zulurn 11 months ago
Fun fact... Amy also wrote the script for my favorite video game: Uncharted. Teehee.. I want to go home and play this now.
Kejind 11 months ago
She only calls out the fundamentalist Canadians
Minos 11 months ago
Is that a yes?

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