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"You support the CIA?"

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Years went by. "Ok then, take it like the fucking whore you are. His penis was very hdr, and throbbed when I touched it. I could've, and would've, continued to watch the man, finding every little action he did to be alluring.

His hands began moving over her body, up and down her back, drifting a few fingers over her ass (which sent chills up her spine), he hooked his fingers under the bottom of her shirt, in back, and slowly started lifting it up. She smiled appreciatively. I can be very persuasive, you know.

She was wearing a little summer dress that was already hiked up showing off her pink panties and I could clearly see a growing wet spot starting to form. I looked back up at Laura and her eye to eye stare told me I better do something quick or this will be the end of it.

He kept his hands on the fronts of her thighs, massaging the muscles there as he held her legs to his body, and he tilted his head to lick the arch of her right foot. It was slightly salty with a musty undertone. I eased my dick out slowly then pushed in back in a bit quicker but still slow.

Laura was on the brink of orgasm so I slacked off the attack on her clit to hold her right there on the edge of an orgasm.

He had just moved in from Canada and into the bustling city of San Francisco. He regretted not bringing along a bottled drink, as his throat became drier and drier within each breath he took.

"Keep pushing, but not too hard, and rub it up and down, just a little.

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Zulutilar 1 year ago
An anonymous troll babbling on about Doug Ford not being able to run the family business, to funny.
Mikakazahn 1 year ago
Way to rain on the parade. ...but yeah...that makes more sense. I prefer thinking of it my way, yo.
Moogut 1 year ago
"Thou shall not "murder" "
Taudal 1 year ago
He did, love you neighbor as yourself that spells it out right thers.
Vit 1 year ago
Just take it easy on yourself and him. You can't jump from point A to point Z and expect success. I learned this technique around some issues I was experiencing in my life and it took me a while to get the hang of it. The technique is all about being as easy as possible and reaching for the thought that makes you feel better because you will find that the better-feeling thought is the 'truth' vs the horrible things we imagine are the truth. The process of your thought is like a ladder. You start with what your feeling and you work your way upwards. And how can you tell if it's working for you? If you are starting to feel better, it's working. If you still feel upset or a thought causes you distress, just take a step back again.
Felar 1 year ago
We can try!
Gagar 1 year ago
It was not a car accident, it was a terrorist attack by a member of the trump base!
Akinolar 11 months ago
Sorry you are so angry.
Arashishicage 11 months ago
The ones I know are doubling down on brainwashing their kids....they are creating a much bigger mess when those kids try to interact in the world with people who think they are out of their minds. Cruel to do that to your own kids, but reason or compassion aren't part of the program.
Tebei 11 months ago
I am pointing out your cherry picking. You are the one who seems upset by that
Vubar 11 months ago
Bee doesn't like Ivanka. Get over it.
Maur 11 months ago
They're only meaningless to you because you don't understand the nature of TRUTH.
Keshicage 11 months ago
Why don't you read your own citation? That's where that quote came from.
Aratilar 10 months ago
Mel's suggestion, I was about to push for a big ugly machine that had been chromed and or bedazzled ;)
Gardajora 10 months ago
Whats the value of faith- if its not blind as Helen Keller.
Dishura 10 months ago
Not to mention giving you reason to research their religion for hours on end, and discussing it for years on end. For something that you say is so obscure. Funny it seems to be your reason for living.
Taunris 10 months ago
Shedding His blood.
Samuzuru 10 months ago
Well as soon as it is BIASED, it is no longer empirical. I tend to discount heavily evidence pushed by people or groups whose livelihoods depends on their evidence being accepted as truth.
Toktilar 9 months ago
Yes, it exists but I do not like attaching "phobia" because it is a dishonest device used by people who want to shut down disagreement. Activists starting popularizing it with any criticism of homosexual sex: Bring out the slightest criticism or question anything of that agenda, and they use the STALINESQUE tactic of saying the person has some kind of emotional disorder or problem - he has a "phobia."
Jushura 9 months ago
I'd be the first to say congratulations to Doug Ford.... congrats.
Mulkree 9 months ago
Oh. You were just trying to tell me I'm stupid. Thanks.
Groll 9 months ago
Again, we're talking about religion, not God. Religion exists, and there are people who have an anti-religious bias. Heck, I'm probably one of them.
Nakree 9 months ago
Not everyone is able to get the hell out, and there are more towns that would be happy to be like that than you know. Getting out to somewhere not like that isn't always that easy.
Gular 9 months ago
This is exactly why we are here. Right?
Zusho 8 months ago
Hudak Tory or Brown Libertarian Con, Tory blue Tory or Ford Know Nothing?
Milabar 8 months ago
Well what do you know, Larry, Curly and Moe will deliberate the proceedings.
Mauran 8 months ago
Absolutely nothing wrong with saying, "Two Corinthians;" I also use that phrase from time to time. That is a stupid thing about which to get excited.
Tujas 8 months ago
I hope you enjoy it.
Yozshukasa 8 months ago
They also encourage tribalism, discrimination, xenophobia, group think.
Tygobei 8 months ago
Funerals are the worst. I hate them
Arashikazahn 8 months ago
Now, no slvt-shaming. If this magical woman exists, good for her.
Bakora 7 months ago
Prayers are a way to clarify your thoughts and to be able to wish or want for absolutely as little as possible. To humble yourself, and perhaps to get the answer yourself.
Mooguzragore 7 months ago
I am a planner, and a thinker. So, in most cases, I just go into a sort of third person "what is the proper method for dealing with this" planning mode, like I'm handling this on behalf of someone else.
Kele 7 months ago
All I know of your beliefs is that they are different from mine (based on the way you try to insult my beliefs) and because you try to insult my beliefs I can assume you think they are inferior to your own because only an idiot would insult beliefs they share.
Kajiran 7 months ago
"How do you explain trees?!", "How do you breathe without god?!", oh and let's not forget, "I prayed and god helped me find my car keys"

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