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Dataxe 1 year ago
Here we go with the GOTCHA! brand of reporting and word twisting again, that caused Harper to cut the MSM off. Let's see if they learned anything.
Kagam 1 year ago
What would make sense to you given the story?
Tygolar 1 year ago
They may want Israel and her peoples (including children) wiped off the face of the earth, that women are chattel, people who draw allah be killed, you should be beaten with a stick if you drink, and gay people be tossed off the top of very tall buildings.
Kigajora 1 year ago
Yep as with Jesus same with Paul. It has long been known among scholars that the account of Paul?s life in the latter half of the Book of Acts and his Epistles can?t be reconciled.
Tuhn 1 year ago
I believe that the government should never have had any say in who is allowed to get married.
Kagadal 1 year ago
Now, on this I absolutely agree. Pineapple has no place on pizza.
Dajora 1 year ago
Is it schools that have become too structured or the same parents that are referenced above? I ask that because I have heard parents in my neighborhood say the same thing - but these kids get recess and lunch recess daily and PE another 2 days a week - which is the same as what I got in the early 70's. School is still 6 5 hours long. Not much has changed but higher expectations in the curriculum. However, I walked home at 2:30 pm and was playing with my neighborhood buddies by 3:00. 2 hours of free play until dinner which was followed by 2 more hours of free play before time to start relaxing. Now, it's daycare from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm followed by dinner on the way to dance, soccer, gymnastics, swimming....and then double that if you have siblings. Kids today spend no time on unstructured play at home so the parents are outsourcing it to the schools.
Vur 1 year ago
Thank you, Maz for your insights. I wonder if Brexit is really to blame, tho I realize I dont know as much about it as you do, for sure. I think the whole world is becoming psycho at the moment and yes, it is because of fear. Fear of what we dont know or understand about people. Thank you for sharing. ???????
Gutilar 1 year ago
Where are the stats from? I had a much larger number being quoted to me yesterday for the US alone for the number of infant deaths.
Fausar 1 year ago
Ahhhh, the obligatory frantic defense of atheism.
Maunos 1 year ago
Let us discuss what Free Speech is and is not, as you seem to have conveniently omitted this from your article.
Vudogrel 1 year ago
Yep $$$$$$ and pr
Mogis 1 year ago
Nope. It is my Life.
Zulumuro 1 year ago
Many more healthy years.
Vojinn 1 year ago
You guys are hilarious. I just got the same response from some guy for saying it could not all be put on the heads of Whites. And even worse, you accuse me of race baiting while supporting clearly racists memes, cherry picked stats and other stupid comments of your bigoted friends...
Tygoran 1 year ago
Alice in Wonderland is exceptional
Dozil 1 year ago
Things are indeed rosy if you are in the top one or two percent and probably vote republican anyway.

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