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"LOL That one is a leader"

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Immediately, the pressure on my bladder was relieved and a new sensation overtook me. It seems you didn't want to wait.

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It was very arouing. Ron's thigh muscles tensed as he struggled to stay in control of himself, but he bucked against her mouth none-the-less. fuck. She held his prick upright with her hand and impaling herself on him until it was buried deep within her tight channel.

Amateeur had caught the eye of my best friend at the time, Don. She, too, had been watching every swipe of Ron's tongue into Hermione and she longed to taste the combined flavors for herself when Hermione's release washed over her.

"S-sorry," I stuttered, directing my attention to the cash register.

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Voodoolkis 1 year ago
Gibbs - some times it is best to let others resolve their own problems - lesson learned
Kazrajind 1 year ago
I always thought that the elderly and two-spirit/trans people in the tribe often looked after children and tended the home fires.
Vizahn 1 year ago
1 - Do you believe that one day a species on Earth may gain sentience equal to our own current sentience and sapience? Or are we that special and it will never happen?
Jubei 11 months ago
People who are assholes aren't welcome here.
Vuzil 11 months ago
Girl, you are missing a golden opportunity!
Shaktitaur 11 months ago
Some, but not a lot.
Kihn 11 months ago
And neglected to mention that the kid's own father put him in the boat, and captained it.
Voodoozshura 11 months ago
That sounds fun :)
Faezilkree 11 months ago
What are you disputing exactly?
Kajizahn 10 months ago
Yes... Did you Solange's? Her dress reminded me of poom poom lips.
Fetaur 10 months ago
You wrote, and I quote, "I can not remember a Court decision that has not infringed upon Religion."
Shakahn 10 months ago
Because I changed them and I got confused
Faezuru 10 months ago
If we hadn't been forced to pay Medicare taxes for 50 years we could have INVESTED that money and could have used that money to purchase insurance today. I thought Obamacare was supposed to help people with higher risk, so once again, why are our Medicare premiums higher than the average Obamacare recipient?
Voodoogami 9 months ago
Crossan has done everything except admit he is a mythicist, the historical Jesus in his view is a parable, the narratives surrounding his life a midrashic interpretation built up on OT proof texts. I take Eisenman quite seriously his work James the Brother of Jesus is a much more researched and compelling historical reconstruction than Tabor's Jesus Dynasty and Paul and Jesus: how the apostle transformed Christianity. But both paint a similar picture. My opinion about the historical Jesus if he existed would be in the same vein. But I have moved beyond any quest to reconstruct any type of probable Jesus as Kurt Noll demonstrates in Investigating Earliest Christianity Without Jesus, we don't actually need a historical Jesus and his existence is irrelevant to explain the later social movements we know today as Christianity
Mugis 9 months ago
Yes. You call everyone racist. Since Democrats lost bigly in the election, more people have been called racist I than any previous entire decade( or maybe 2 decades in less than 2 years. The country was less racist than ever, but people running their mouth crying racist about everyone has set us back. You are way worse than Trump
Kazrahn 9 months ago
No, it is fact. It takes tremendous courage to do what he did.
Gagore 9 months ago
"The list of attacks by outsiders would be far, far larger of course, and those Muslims killed as a consequence of their interference would be more than an order of magnitude higher than your list of Christians killed."
Gardara 9 months ago
Lol yes, seriously! And while I'm perfectly aware there are man-children on this earth who can't do simple adult things for themselves, I'm peeved this seems to primarily be a woman's issue. Boys are told from a young age to be self reliant because the world doesn't owe them sht, but a lot of girls are still internalizing the message that there should always be someone else solving their problems for them.
Nekree 8 months ago
On the broader topic of whether Christianity held back the advancement of Western Civilisation:
Kazranos 8 months ago
Ya I think so but I could be wrong
Kesho 8 months ago
Americans wrote the Constitution. Some were Christian, some deist. They weren't all Christian. Do stop lying when we can easily fact-check.
Yozshur 8 months ago
After their HC premiums go up 30% because of the stripping away of ACA.
Zuzragore 8 months ago
Selling the cake to that couple wouldn't have been a sin. There's no verse anywhere in the Bible that tells anything even close to that.
Gardami 8 months ago
Stop picking fights.
Vibei 7 months ago
Jim McDougal, Mary Mahoney, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Victor Raiser, Paul Tulley, Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, James Wilson, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton, Gandy Baugh, Florence Martin, Suzanne Coleman, Paula Grober, Danny Casolaro, Paul Wilcher, Jon Parnell Walker, Barbara Wise, Charles Meissner, Stanley Heard, Barry Seal, Johnny Lawhorn, Stan Huggins, Hershell Friday, Kevin Ives, Don Henry, Keith Coney, Keith McMaskle, Gregory Collins, Jeff Rhodes, James Milan, Richard Winters, William Barkley, Scott Reynolds, Brian Hanley, Tim Sabel, William Robertson, William Densberger, Robert Kelly, Gary Rhodes,Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu,and Todd McKeehan.
Malagrel 7 months ago
Agree! I have been trying to argue related points in this thread (I'm sure many of them are buried and invisible, being so far down the rabbit hole of back-and-forths, lol). You put it very well, though.
Bagore 7 months ago
Arrogance, insecurity and a poor education are the answers to the question posed. All humans are born atheists and have to learn to embrace religion.
Arashigis 7 months ago
People on both sides of the aisle have real issues with this.
Akinolrajas 7 months ago
He really is a total tit.
Meztitaur 7 months ago
No, that is false.
Mozahn 6 months ago
Oops, I think I just a made a fool of myself, hahaha. Touche
Akigrel 6 months ago
Do you think that Trump has finally met his Waterloo with this debacle? Not even the fundies can support the action of separating babies from parents?
Maugar 6 months ago
I think it's a small mind that only identifies people by their junk.
Kagagore 6 months ago
Christendom used (abused) Christianity like the porn industry abuses the sex drive. I wouldn't give a stuff about whether Jesus was historical or not - the words exist.
Kilkis 6 months ago
1. Darwin wrote in his book that "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" are two equivalent formulations of the same idea. Do you disagree with Darwin?

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