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"Doesn?t really matter . Aint nobody got no right to tell anyone they can?t kill nobody. That there?s a god givun right of choice"

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Again, they were lifting me off my feet, and my arms went around the chest in front of me. I guess he had removed all traces of himself and Jenni when he had cleaned himself.

Later that night there was a quiet knock on Dan's door.

This blue-eyed teen slut acts like a sex doll

He moaned deeply and pushed himself nearly all the way into my mouth. They didn't even seem to notice the plump brown haired Gaby behind the wheel of the bus. She came bikkini more times before I came with her. She was starved for air so I took my hand off her head so she could catch her breath.

"Uncle Randy's gonna cum Princess, open wide.

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Voodoosar 1 year ago
Oh I know that, I doesn't exist yet.
Samuhn 1 year ago
What can you do? People have a right to speak, but others have a right not to listen and to interrupt that voice. That point of view angers and irritates the majority of US citizens, they do not agree and they do not want to hear it anymore. Don't make it like the Conservatives are so eager to give a voice to views they do not like. They just mask it under BS pretenses, like "he shouldn't be protesting at a football game" or "they could have gone to another bakery instead of making it a big deal" or "they are using them as pawns". Sorry if this seems harsh, but you seem to look at things from a very narrow perspective.
Fenrik 1 year ago
So. you're endorsing the extraterrestrial-theory? That's fascinating: life was seeded and centuries later (not billion of years, of course) cultures were indoctrinated by beings sent from astroships: Thor, Krishna, Jesus, Zeus, Manito... somewhat like a team of gardeners in a botanic garden, right?
Malashura 1 year ago
you can't use the bible as proof that the bible is legit. That is called circular reasoning.
Zushura 1 year ago
Bet you were burned Bowling Green was covered up, connie. LMAO!
Yom 1 year ago
Bad proof given for does not mean bad proof given against has more weight. Reverse is also true.
Datilar 1 year ago
But, based on your philosophy, the elderly wouldn't need any help if they had made the right decisions throughout their lives, and the children are the parent's responsibility, not ours.
Gushura 1 year ago
In all your internal confusion, you have something good going for you - all the others do not have: you are a "positive" mind.
Mubar 1 year ago
But Hitler is long dead. Mike Tyson still to this day says horrible things about the woman he raped.
Minris 1 year ago
Too true, and it makes honest discussion very hard. Not with this crowd, for the most part.

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