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950 24:151 year ago

"As a native Coloradan who has seen so many assholes move here I will say the problem is not illegals but people like you and your wife. Most white people are not competing for jobs illegals do. And if you know anything about housing in CO you know the average price of a house is now over half a million. Start paying more in wages and watch the prices go even higher. Maybe you should have done a little research before you moved here. So much for conservatives being smart and proactive."

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A few pumps later his body was shaking and he pulled out and his cum sprayed a lil on Pam's back, all over the ass crack and even in her hole, some cum flew onto Farah's Stomach and bush who was lying under Pam.

She doesn't shave her pubes but I think that was mostly because she barely had any. Holy Fucking Shit.

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Due to that, you got me for the relatively low price of thirty kays, rather than the market value of closer to forty five. "Maybe I can help you with that, come on let's go downstairs and do some French lessons".

Imraan ahh. As I sluggishly prepared for the long day ahead of me, I recalled the details of how I had managed to have an orgasm on the phone with the resident bad boy at my school when he had only called to get me to do his homework.

"May we?" asked the chzt, as if he were a tourist asking to take the liness of a local dressed in quaint regional costume.

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Golkis 1 year ago
I remember this! GUYS if you know you dont want kids right away why is it solely up to the girl to take birth control.
Vinos 1 year ago
Right after Obama visited Macron.
Murr 1 year ago
You are funny. I provided you the direct quote of what he said. I showed you how create and invent are synonyms so using one or the other is irrelevant.
Batilar 1 year ago
For many people the answer was, "Yes, I'm here, my name is K???a." For others it was "I'm Zeus, Thor, etc." For others there was no answer. And others wouldn't even formulate that question, because they have a completely different mindset.
Meztiran 1 year ago
There are a very small number of babies with a genital malformation.
Kiramar 1 year ago
Indeed. Make no mistake, they are aiming for the constitution. There is more than enough evidence to prove that that's what they want gone...
Dogul 1 year ago
Well, that was quite some 'protest' vote.
Samudal 1 year ago
I knew a couple just like this when I worked at a retirement home. He was pleasant; she was horrid.
Groshicage 1 year ago
Oh yes. A piece of Russian space debris fell on the island and it just happened to be what the Professor needed to fix his home made barometer. The barometer predicted a HUGE tsunami was about to hit the island so they tied all their huts together so they could be used as a boat when they got washed out into the ocean. blah blah blah....Giligan decided to cook fish and lights a fire on the boat made of bamboo and leaves. Everyone is upset, but the smoke attracts the attention of a helicopter and they're rescued. I won't spoil the movie's ending for you, but it is a fine 70s Movie of the Week.
Turan 1 year ago
So, you made a choice to be straight?
Zular 11 months ago
So you fear your god.

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