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867 08:411 year ago

"I have made a statement, you argued against that statement, therefore that statement I made is wrong so prove it."

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I started to insert my fingers in her sloppy open cunt and to hell with starting at just one. I felt jealous once again, but it subsided when her hand left his cock and reached over to me, crawling through the dimly lit covers and through my boxer opening to my own cock.

"Come on already," he nearly shouted, earning an angry flash of defiance from her green eyes.

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I slid her hand down under my boxers and she knew what to do from there. The next set Amaeur clips on the computer showed two guys giving each other blow jobs. I knocked, the light had gone off when I did. She is going to get it when I get home.

"Why don't you just untie the bow John it would feel better and easier for you to put lotion on all over.

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Balar 1 year ago
Lol oh okay. I swear, that poster just likes to debate. Probably follow you off a cliff arguing his point lmao.
Arashigor 1 year ago
yep. It started at 7:30am. On of my supervisors had to be in here because of an "emergency" Sunday. which means more work for me today.
Daramar 11 months ago
Depends if it's gnostic atheism or not. If someone truly believes there is no God, that's belief. If other beliefs related to atheism are involved like "all religion is poison" or "all belief in God is dangerous" or whatever, then those are influencing beliefs.
Gucage 11 months ago
Where are your historical records to refute what he wrote? He had the advantage of actually being alive at the time.
Zulujora 11 months ago
No more than there is virtue of being hetero.
Sharr 11 months ago
You said you liked that.
Kazijind 11 months ago
Just answer the simple question: How much technology advancement is sufficient to be indistinguishable from magic?
Yozshurn 11 months ago
Oh my God that's hilarious......
Arashizil 10 months ago
It's because naturalism, relativism, and atheism themselves are all self-defeating. So rather than trying to ascertain logic for their own belief and religion (because inside they probably know they can't), atheists would prefer, it seems, to try and pick apart other world views. To make their task even easier, they tend to prey on Christianity as it poses the least amount of danger to them. Richard Dawkins once responded to a question from one of his faithful followers who asked him how they should respond to the religious, he advised his followers to mock and ridicule them. On another occasion, I heard someone respond to Dawkins instruction by advising him to try his advised response in Saudi Arabia; my guess is he won't.
Daidal 10 months ago
Like hell I support the gouging bastards! My point was that 43% tax is a bit greedy as well, don`t you think? The gas companies at least do the work getting the shit out of the ground, the gov`t does SFA except gathering up the money.
Kigajar 10 months ago
I can follow the points quite well.
Kigadal 10 months ago
Trust, I'm going to enjoy myself and my granddaughter!
Goltirr 10 months ago
Nope. People discriminate based on all sorts of things, including values that people hold. Every other law school also discriminates, except based on different set of criteria.
Vut 9 months ago
They can do anything they want that's medically appropriate. Lying about a medical procedure is medical fraud. Not religion.
Kajira 9 months ago
It should be there for whomever need it.
Maushura 9 months ago
I find life implausible, but the overwhelming evidence of its existence militates against the implausibility. Now, spare us your dishonest strawman.
Shanos 9 months ago
Oh contraire! Without it, margaritas would be lime-aide.
Gonos 9 months ago
When I was a teen, our Baptist church studied Revelations under Ken Gangle who would later rise to be Dean at Dallas Theological. And one of the theories of Revelations was that Christianity was a resistance movement against the Roman Empire and Greco-Roman World. And the slightly heretical idea came to me that the Church really did defeat the Roman Empire and then had a millennium (1000 years) where the Church ruled from somewhere around 500AD to 1500 AD.
Mikalkis 9 months ago
Evidently he was, he refused to sit down like his buddy did, they tried to put him in a choke hold and obviously he resisted by trying to stay glued to the wall. I think the number of punches was a bit out of line, if he'd just sat like his friend did there wouldn't be anything to discuss.
Brashakar 8 months ago
No, you're looking for absolution. Where did I say didn't have responsibility all I was doing was looking for a modicum of mitigation
Naran 8 months ago
Since the Bureau of Labor can't verify every American's claim that they cannot find work, there is no solution.
Gahn 8 months ago
It fits their narrative that poor women have government funded abortion amusement parks.
Arazragore 7 months ago
"Is there really though? because all i see lately is stories of people being crucified by the outrage mob for doing exactly that...."
JoJoktilar 7 months ago
How are we to worship GOD?
Arashikinos 7 months ago
Most of my gynos have been men. It doesn't bother me. I did start seeing female doctors at one point because I thought they might be more sympathetic to 'women's issues' but I found they're the same. I've had just as many women doctors tell me dumb things about my gynaecological issues as men so as long as they're a good doctor that's all I care about.
Tygogal 7 months ago
You should see the other channel. When I asked how one of them knew someone was a homosexual, she deletes my comment.
Zulushicage 7 months ago
We have intermediate clusters, look at the whale transitions, and the bird transitions.
Voodoogrel 7 months ago
Because the God who is a creator/intervener is in all likelihood non-existent (the world seems not to an artifact of divine intelligence) and a jerk (this world is entirely too fraught with waste and suffering to believe that it is a product of a highly moral being.
Akinotilar 6 months ago
How do you know? Have you had your DNA checked? For Example, many American blacks are 29% white according to ancestry dot com. Dark Trumpers are hard to find did you fall out of your crib on your head when you were a baby?
Faegar 6 months ago
Care to provide the mainstream, peer-reviewed material attesting to the existence of random number generators in species or indicating that "information" somehow "gets into" the genomes. Your alleged qualifications in engineering are hardly sufficient. Now spare us your cheap, dishonest composition fallacy.
Ducage 6 months ago
I don't know. Was it a paraphrase or loose translation of an earlier book?
Mazil 6 months ago
And no wait time !
Kikazahn 6 months ago
Everything isn't 'nothing' because you can point to it.
Dohn 6 months ago
Ugh. I have a headache, and I'm about to have to drop about $125 for a vet bill. Woohoo.
Muzahn 5 months ago
Lol meanie! How hairy is hairy?

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