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"Except you won't have lungs or a mouth anymore so there's that."

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Hermione mumbled something unintelligible as Harry and Ginny began to swirl their tongues together around her mound of neglected chocolate-coated flesh, and Ron looked up from her nipple, a chocolate breast-print pressed onto his cheek.

After arriving on time and seated in Eric's office.

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"Hey Don, wanna see something cool?" She said, as she grabbed my hand and took it to her mouth. Here I was, flat on my back with my legs in the air, while my friend was licking and tongue-fucking my asshole.

Visual stimulation is often all a man needs to get going. " I used my free hand to grope his manhood and squeeze lightly. I couldn't get a hard on with the thing in place and quickly became quite sore. We were indulging stat one of our regular activities with me at Jenni's head and Biffet doing what he did best, fucking her cunt and making her his bitch all over again.

Harry could feel Ginny's breathing quicken by the breast he still held in his hand, and he bit his lip to muffle a groan as he gazed at Hermione's chocolate covered snatch while Ron moved into position and began to clean the gooey substance from her delectable folds with his tongue.

She took her hand and reached up and began rubbing her pussy and clit.

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Gardall 1 month ago
When you say "we" who do you mean? America? Cause in places like India and Philippines, they are very crowded into a small area relative to the amount of people. I guess it's a matter of opinion. I would prefer to not be crowded into a square mile with 73,000 other people.
Shazuru 4 weeks ago
False. Logical fallacy of bifurcation. Also, everyone in the world has faith. Not necessarily in God, but in many other things. Even YOU have faith! You have faith that your paycheck will cover the bills every month, for example.
Maulkree 2 weeks ago
Yes I did and I am also from a neighboring state! What have the Democrats offered productive? Criticism of the efforts is all.
Doushakar 1 week ago
Our president, the dotard.
Mazudal 4 days ago
She pointed out a fallacy that you seemed to be making, as a poster.

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