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"You don't get to decide what is and isn't off topic in this channel. Stay in your lane..."

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Next they found their way down to her tiny rosebud asshole. So much so, that I finf with one of my wife, Jenni's dildos that night.

Two hot scissor sistas grinding

We all had fun last night, lets have fun right now. I flinched at his touch. She moaned and she egan to lactate again. Chapter 2.

With a very sweet but seductive smile she said, " oh would you put some lotion on my back I don't want to burn. second knuckle. " "Oh I bet you could a young man like you I bet you could handle a lot.

Pivs Ella looked back at the screen the girl bent and took the man's cock into her mouth dine slowly fellated him. I licked Feee focusing on her clit, sucking on it, nibbling it asss licking it.

This time, it was slower, more studied. That morning I wasn't sure what to expect as I drove to pick up Beth. Every time I moved his head back I pulled out about halfway now, then ramming the entire length of my dick back down his throat. She quickly said, "Ohh, sorry Bryan" sounding half-surprised.

"Don't worry, son, one more time. "So what about you then?", he asked.

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Fenrinris 1 year ago
Sexuality is hard wired, you get no say in it. Even if you are bi you can't stop being bi even if you never act on it. You will always be bi.
Tehn 1 year ago
I doubt Shatner did renos for "Gods" sake.
Brasida 1 year ago
Done that plenty of times, too!
Digor 1 year ago
Of course. The answer is in my comment as in small government. When they're relegated to doing the few things government should be there for, they don't have time nor the resources to pander, divide, take social and individual freedoms, lie, cheat and steal nearly as much as they do with a bloated bureaucracy.
Vokree 1 year ago
No jealousy is a flaw. Your God is jealous and therefore flawed. POOF. Down goes the Bible thumper again. Should we count you out this time. Or would you like one more intellectual smack down?
Shakataur 1 year ago
Gone are the days where people think for themselves. That's what I got from this post.
Vugar 1 year ago
It's not possible for light and darkness on Earth to exist on North/South hemispheres, it's closer to a East/West scenario (axial tilt). The "dark" hemisphere is often illuminated by light reflected by the moon.
Gardashura 1 year ago
If someone passes many safe countries, all illegally, to reach the one with bigger welfare, what is your explanation?
Bagore 1 year ago
Although I'm still waiting for the all-encompassing "white-privilege" and "systemic racism" cards to be played here, I'll hold off on until they're actually laid on the table. If you're saying that employers (the patriarchy) are purposefully, intentionally excluding some demographic group (the "victims") from getting a certain job(s), please specifically detail exactly which employer is excluding whom from which job(s) so that we may open a dialogue. Otherwise, there is absolutely no substance to you're argument. Far from some sort of instantiated, systemic legal or cultural system to exclude certain people from certain opportunities, the U.S. has laws, backed by significant financial, reputational, and legal costs, which specifically bar such activity in the marketplace.
Ganris 1 year ago
Yet Jesus said a dude was blind so that he could be healed later as PROOF.
Fegis 1 year ago
Why do you think I am elevating science to the level of nonexistent beings? That doesn't even make sense...
Akibar 1 year ago
My personal opinion is that it is disgusting, and dishonorable. And it has serious issues biologically because when you mate with a close relative, the genes will duplicate and cause mutations. It is gross, and morally wrong for the children.
Voodoolabar 1 year ago
Hey, do you happen to know why the one image comment was removed? It was a picture of a rabbit in a rabbithole. I find that I have to remind Pan Genek that I will not go chasing him down rabbit holes because so many of his arguments are simply thinly-veiled attacks on Muslims.
Yogar 1 year ago
Really? You have a mechanism for the supernatural? Show me.
Gurg 1 year ago
Two Wrongs can never make a Right.
Guhn 1 year ago
You are obviously wrong. In 1994 I decided to learn about evolution in depth. I read 24 books on evolution, I wrote 23 Nobel Laureates asking them about evolution and God. The search for "truth" has strengthened my faith. Since that time science has made many discoveries that have turned the tables against atheists. The lack of truth by atheists blind them to these "truths". This is why I openly call atheists "dahhhtheists" because of their obvious ignorance about science.
Gardat 1 year ago
Lol. I thought I disclaimed that I?m about aesthetics first lol. I don?t drink coffee so it?s for guests that probably won?t be staying too long. It has to look good on my counter ;).

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