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"No comparison at all. Weinstein used his power as leverage to have sex with women and Clinton did not force Monica into anything. She was a willing subject."

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Gaby glanced at the clock in her cab which indicated 1121pm. Entering the building, Danny pulled out clitoeis plugs from his ears and paused his iPod.

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The cheerleaders gazed in awe as they stared at my naked body. That next morning Desiree entered my bedroom with a tray and served Tiffany and I breakfast in bed. The rest of us will wash and clean your vehicle. She did it a couple of times and then I started to gently rub the inside of her thigh.

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In her darkness she felt rough hands flipping her onto her tummy, her big breasts now squashed against the floor of the bus.

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Gasar 1 year ago
Dems have obsession about Russia collusion. Have you ever considered that it might be a scapegoat?
Zolotaxe 1 year ago
I?m fine with my pibbles being around smaller dogs. Their entire system of play changes with smaller dogs. I wouldn?t take them to the small dog section of the dog park though and I don?t take them to dog parks at all anymore.
Faeshakar 1 year ago
Digital pianos do not go out of tune!
Akinojin 11 months ago
Your words..."that is not really nice"
Vudozragore 11 months ago
I wish I was lactose intolerant even just a little so I could be happy with the almond milk. Walnut milk satisfies me a little more, but nothing beats the real thing.
Dudal 11 months ago
Gotcha, I'll delete my initial comment.
Tojamuro 11 months ago
I'm sorry I showed you that picture of the Ellis Island award then...
Doulkree 11 months ago
Christian Jesus is also different than the Jewish Jesus, but the religion itself isn't too different.
Nikoshicage 11 months ago
If TRUMPCO were serious about stopping the ACTUAL criminals (i.e.CEOs of large corporations that prey off of the undocumented as a source of cheap/slave labor) they would be raiding Tyson Foods, Smithfield, etc.
Tashura 11 months ago
I'll take that last. Activity is forbidden. But in principle, intent is a really bad idea. "Any man who keeps looking at a woman with lust has already committed adultery in his heart." Activity strictly forbidden (adultery) as well as a serious
Kajirr 10 months ago
Wizards; yes. They just aren?t called that any more. They are generally called witches, regardless of sex. Vampires; yes, but not in the ?Hollywood? sense. There are goth cults that engage in blood sucking one another. Other than some of their demon worship, that?s the extent of that. Lochness Monster; it depends on who you talk to. I?ve heard it has been debunked. I really don?t know.
Shakalar 10 months ago
And Iran never signed it
Nat 10 months ago
I lived at home but my folks wouldn't help with college, none of us kids got any help that way at all. I put my kids into college to give them a head start. My oldest has her home paid off, while my youngest is still in school for animation. Where she will have to move for work is going to be very expensive to live, she knows she will never own a home there, she'll be lucky to find a good school for her own family in the big city. She's already worried about retirement, wants in with my financial advisor now. Most of her classmates are the same, some are living in bad locations just to go to college here, few have help from home. I think you are too hard on the average kid these days.
Shakalabar 9 months ago
Do you allow your conclusions to be influenced by evidence which doesn't support god? Or do you choose deliberately only to embrace evidence supporting a preferred conclusion?
Nikocage 9 months ago
I have a strict anti-antisemitism policy. I block anyone that blames all evils on "jews". Life is too short to waste on scrolling past their bull shit.
Jugrel 9 months ago
I'm waiting for Trump's pardon of Black, seems to me he's as deserving as Arpaio, Stewart tor DeSousa .
Dukasa 9 months ago
Two fish swam up a stream a delicious treat awaited them both as the first fish pushed forward to The bobbling delight, teeth clammped down and devoured it. The fishermen caught nothing.
Arakus 9 months ago
You have only your opinions. I have the evidence.
Dim 9 months ago
Revision of the hack's identity! He is Osama the Bengali ass bandit from Tower hamlets.... his curry breath and goat stds announce his stinky presence!
Doular 8 months ago
What do you see?
Faekora 8 months ago
Kijas 8 months ago
Try looking at the actual definitions.
Dulkis 8 months ago
Meaningless replies, religious slight of hand, perceived slights followed by the condescending personal attacks. I'll be stepping off this bus leaving you with your imaginary spririts.
Tataxe 8 months ago
The thing is, that verse about head coverings is always deliberately mistranslated in English bibles. All English bibles.
Mezishura 8 months ago
I really sympathize with your pain; it is not God's fault. I said He allows these things to happen, because we have chased Him away, and believe we can solve all the problems without Him. I really feel sorry for your pain; hope your wife gets some comfort in her health.
Vudokazahn 7 months ago
Take the internet from you and you would be completely useless.

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