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"It IS how it works.... Businesses Don't Hire if they do not Require.... NO MATTER HOW MUCH Taxes a Business gets to Keep.... You're Assuming The More you Hire the More Business you get.... NOT TRUE!!!"


Wash your fucking hands first too!" "Sure, ok. She closed her eyes and moaned. I was amazed, and extremely aroused.

For some time, the only sounds in the room were the steady rhythms of deep and heavy breathing, and the slurping noises Ron made as he chased the well warmed chocolate over the curves of Hermione's thighs.


You can;t give me blue balls!" "Don't worry baby, I just need you inside me once more. Matheson. As long as I know that I belong to you, I can do anyone you set my mind too.

She gripped the edges of the table with her hands and waited. Our thighs were touching and my hand dropped to her lap to hold the page open, my knuckle as close as possible to her pale pubic mound.

and then with a final stroke my the hand of Pamela, Imraan's eyes opened and his cum flew into Pam's still open mouth and hit her throat, thus startled and gagged after which Imraan's cum flew on her hair and nose, Pam leaned away and the next spurts flew on her chest, belly, pubes and even her pussy.

I gladly went and slurped it off his penis head and Kiya got out from under Pam and drank the cum from Farah's ass crack. Now I was doing work in some of the "better" neighborhoods.

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Daikora 11 months ago
The reality is Toronto has to provide the day-to-day services.
Digore 11 months ago
The G as in girl
Fauzahn 11 months ago
I was the breadwinner for the first few years of my marriage and I never once felt one way or another about it.
Kajikora 11 months ago
:-D I think I do. Well, not always.
Moogura 10 months ago
I'll only call a woman that if she's being unjustly rude, intolerable, arrogant, or argumentative. If she's has justifiably reasons for any of her actions then i have no complaints. I guess that's why i end up saying it to more men than woman.
Goltishicage 10 months ago
Ok. Then, "1. Did you realize anti-theists are trying very hard to hold science back, particularly evolutionary science?"
Brajind 10 months ago
Well there you go. Your intention is not to improve, or correct Muslims, or to be a helpful critic or something to Islam, but to destroy it. My PLO example was exactly on point. Who are these perfect Russia role models? As you judge others, as you rip these Muslims and their culture as per se despicable, you do that to your own culture. If you can manage to find some compassion, forgiveness, patience to these Muslim folks during their time of struggle, you effectively offer that to yourself and your own culture.
Shakagrel 10 months ago
The ignorance is all on your side.
Maktilar 10 months ago
Actually, you didn't in any way shape or form. Bill owned you and you know it. You have avoided everything he said and didn't address a single point. He is FAR ahead of you on this exchange.
Malakora 10 months ago
The one we want to buy was built in 1910. It sits on nearly 1/3 acre. Still pretty solid though.
Yozshuran 10 months ago
Research is not looking into genetics for a possible cause. Look up "Epigenetics" and "Etiology", which is where it's believed sexual preference is influenced prior to birth.
Kajit 10 months ago
Why not? She works at the White House and defends her fathers policies.
JoJokazahn 9 months ago
"Proven beyond a reasonable doubt"? Hardly. It's been hypothesized, with evidence brought in support of the hypothesis. What advocates of this hypothesis such as William Dever fail to explain is why or how a single group of Canaanites suddenly formed a new ethnicity and started conquering their "fellow Canaanites" and imposing their new culture upon them, nor why in all the stories of the Old Testament, the Israelites acknowledge that they are outsiders in Palestine and base their claim to it on a divine grant, not on ancestral habitation. It is far more likely that the Israelites originated in the Aramaic-speaking region of Northern Mesopotamia and intermarried with Canaanite women.
Kajishakar 9 months ago
Depicting evolution as "clawing its way forward" is terribly romantic, melodramatic even. That's the sort of thinking that gave birth to all the gods. So what if a species dies out over a changing climate pattern? The universe is destined to die out. All things with a beginning have an end. So what if their existence is a nano-second or 100 thousand years? It is all the play of God. What difference to eternal God is a nonosecond to a billion years? You are looking at reality from the human perspective, not from God's.
Tazuru 9 months ago
Waiting for the 11th like...
Dujas 9 months ago
If that?s what it costs then sure.
Mijin 9 months ago
happens daily , my son is black & many who come in his business have a problem w/ me . I just laugh them off , not worthy of my concern
Talkree 9 months ago
" You can read the same verse and discern an entirely different meaning."

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