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"It is clear the purpose of the Bible is to defend only 3 words"

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He was so ready to explode, but wanted this to last as long as he could. Bianca knew what that meant.

Short Haired Babe

Harry's cock ached, but he knew Ginny needed his attention more at the moment, so he settled her tenderly on the edge of the bed as he slipped off onto the floor and rested his weight on his knees so that he was perfectly positioned at eye level with Ginny's triangle of curls. I knew just where it wanted to be.

We would begin with a passionate hug and a deep kiss, as you struggled with the zipper of my pants. Today you are both," my mother spat callously at me as I picked myself up off of the floor.

It was a Saturday so we were staying up late. I walked over to her, "what do you want?". The shivers jolted thru the head of my cock, as you pressed it deeper into my anus.

Then, as his need grew, he gripped her hips in his viselike grasp and used his thumbs to part her buttocks. He should know better. Got breakfast" I said. if I wanted to. Driving into the driveway this house looked pretty promising.

I saw something flash across his face, and he leapt right at me. One day when I went to the woods I saw them again,and I hid in a large tree stump, they took their trousers down ,and played with each others stick, and after a short time of play some white stuff came out of the end of their sticks.

I took her arms and did them and the hands.

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Mazumuro 1 year ago
Killing people who do not belive what you do is "a bad idea" regardless of the justification, just to make that clear right of front.
Bagal 11 months ago
Canada was a British territory. Canadians were part of the war of 1812. We actually celebrated the burning of the White House. Are you sure you know the history of the 1812 war??
Mezisar 11 months ago
Right. And nothing in there about whether you're gay or straight. I'm glad that we agree! :-)
Voodooshura 11 months ago
You keep changing my words and assigning me things I didn't say. This is a dishonest approach. I never mentioned Islamic culture, I speak of Islam's doctrine contained in the Koran, Hadith and Sira.
Kigaran 11 months ago
"Non-drinker" is a better analogy than "non-alcoholic". And you sometimes do need to say "I don't drink, but thanks". But it's not really an
Tulrajas 10 months ago
If their wages are "insufficient," they should cut expenses: No more cable TV or ipads, how about that for starters? If they have a pet, they should put it up for adoption.
Mulmaran 10 months ago
I'm sorry you find my comments arrogant and feel that I "obfuscate or misrepresent" your position. That was not my intention at all.
Mezim 10 months ago
Don't have it any more. Lost it ages ago. You could probably filter to in youtube.
Akilabar 10 months ago
She said, "empathetic." but I think she meant "pathetic."
Vorisar 10 months ago
I?m trying not to get too ? mushy- gushy ushy ushy ushy!?
Baktilar 9 months ago
Christianity's purpose (or lack of) varies from person to person. To me, it is useless.
Faumuro 9 months ago
Well... one got murdered (again, reducing the overall count of reproducing children) and it's well established that women aren't people: God can just make them from ribs. So Seth and Cain may have had God making wives for them.
Tojaran 9 months ago
"For a multitude of reasons, research on the healing effects of prayer is
Zugami 9 months ago
I wish you hadn't said that.
Got 9 months ago
ultimately they have to believe it or whats the point ,do you know what the koran says of hypocrites or those pretending to be Muslim,because thas what a muslim would be who dosent believe every word of thart book...." The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the Fire. You will not find any one to help them,? (Surat an-Nisa, 145) The Hell whose lowest circle is populated by the hypocrites is described as follows in verses of the Qur?an:
Tukasa 9 months ago
You know, I had this discussion with my book club. It's mostly women and a gay male friend of mine. We see a real divergence in thought about male behavior. Gay men have "Grindr" and "Scruff" culture where hookups are just part of the package. They don't judge people who want to just sleep with them. Women, however, are divided between the sex-positive feminists (dwindling) and sex-negative ones.
Mogore 9 months ago
Exactly. These issues should be handled with rationale. Calling a group (a large group of people) and their beliefs dangerous will require a lot of data and evidence to support such an insane claim.
Akizilkree 8 months ago
That's what they all say...
Tarn 8 months ago
And just how do you know it wasn't the voice of Satan?
Vudom 8 months ago
Well that's cherry-picking don't you think? Comparing Trump's quarterly GDP to Obama's annual? We had many quarters over 3% during Obama's terms.
Akinole 8 months ago
Thanks for proving my point. Where os the truth definition you claimed. I see ot was made up. LOL, so no proof at all. You are jist making things up. LOL
Tygom 7 months ago
Is that your new house?

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