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Bajin 10 months ago
That you base your worldview on belief and opinion based in faith
Mazuramar 10 months ago
Where they live, if they're doing better or worse than me, if they volunteer and where. People put allll their business on LinkedIn.
Sabar 9 months ago
There's four other gospels. Matthew's not the only one to tell the story.
Goltizahn 9 months ago
Well then I am sure you are like me and find it fortunate that the overwhelming majority of terminations happen WELL before the fetus stage, and the ones done at that stage are for the exact issues you mentioned--imminent health concern and/or non-viability of the fetus.
Zulusar 9 months ago
I'll read it as soon as you post it. Yes or no?
Brakus 9 months ago
Dude, don't try to compare being gay with pedophilia.
Aranos 8 months ago
So the killing of all those innocent Egyptian children would not be considered murder. If that is the case, why do we get so uptight when someone bombs a school? Your god had a choice to kill the perpetrators of the crime or murder innocent children. He even bragged about murdering the children.
Moogugis 8 months ago
I got you mixed up with another poster. To the person above you.
Tagul 8 months ago
LOL, yeah! That?s why I said so in the first place...
Kajar 8 months ago
That's the way to go and it is truly the meaning of freedom of religion.
Zulushicage 8 months ago
That?s not the biggest problem.
Gabei 7 months ago
The media should stop exploiting the mentally ill.
Metaur 7 months ago
I have a strict anti-antisemitism policy. I block anyone that blames all evils on "jews". Life is too short to waste on scrolling past their bull shit.
Mugami 7 months ago
Wellll, that's my take on it. I suspect most Christians might disagree with me on that. :)
Mirn 7 months ago
Two gods on two heavenly thrones (matthew 19:28) is monotheism? And your christ has apparently overthrown his Father and is the One True God?

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